Lyme Disease

Check out my posts about Lyme Disease and my battle with it. You are helping to make a difference just by reading and being aware!!

Lyme info:
What is Lyme Disease: Basics and the Bite
What is Lyme: Later Stage and Treatment
What is Lyme: The Controversy

Read My Lyme Story
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Please also check out this documentary about Lyme called Under Our Skin. I highly encourage everyone to watch it.

You can watch it:
Free with Amazon Prime Instant Video
Free on Youtube
Free on Netflix
Rent or Buy on Amazon Video
Buy at Under Our Skin

If you're gonna be stubborn, and not watch it, at least please watch the trailer. Even just the trailer explains a LOT.

Also, if you are local, we are doing a screening of Under Our Skin later this month, and would love to have you join us!

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