Friday, September 30, 2011

BIGGEST BESTEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks AGAIN to Natalie for the new pictures! :D

Ok, maybe not EVER, but for the time being. :) And yes, I know, 'bestest' isn't a word.... but hey! I'm excited!

On Tuesday, after I posted this post with pictures on Logan, I got the best comment of my life!!!!!!

And for you nosy cheaters.... You won't be able to go back and find it because I deleted it! ;)

The comment was something along the lines of - "Please email me... This is IMPORTANT... Can't share it publicly."

I emailed her back 2 seconds later!
There next 15 minutes were horrible! Would it be good news or bad news? I guessed she was going to say he had a family??? Or that he wasn't available, or even worse, that he had been transferred.

I checked my email lots of times in that 15 minutes and I don't know how many times I prayed for patience! :)
After what seemed like forever, even though it was only about 15 minutes later, she emailed back.

When I saw it, the page couldn't NOT load fast enough!

After I read it, I had to read it again to make sure I understood it. Then I screamed, started crying and almost hyperventilated!

Because in the email said (edited for this public blog)...

Please do not share (she meant do not share who they are publicly, but she did give me permission to post here with out sharing specifically who they are), but I think we love the same child. I am the future mother (or pray I can be) of a certain little boy featured on your blog. Please do not search for his family any more because he has one. He has a mom, dad, and siblings who are anxious to get him home!!! I am praying that his country changes their laws so he can come home sooner!


If you didn't catch that....

!!!!!!!LOGAN HAS A FAMILY!!!!!!!

Sorry, Blogger won't let me make that any bigger!!!!!! :)


You may or may not remember when I posted here about the special needs list needing to be expanded.(Sorry I don't know why the pictures aren't working on there. I don't remember which ones they were or I would put them on there again!) If a child's special need isn't on the list, they aren't available until they are 5. Well, it hasn't been expanded yet, but the new one is scheduled to come out on October 10th. unfortunately we don't know what will or won't be on the list. Logan has FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), which isn't on the current list, and he doesn't turn 5 for a year yet. That's why you can't find him on Reece's Rainbow right now. That's also why you won't find him on the My Family Found Me page. And his family cannot commit to him through RR until he is available again. And I can't tell you who they are until they are on the New Commitments, which in short won't happen until FAS is added to the list, or his birthday! So if you want to see who his family is PRAY THAT FAS IS ON THE NEW LIST!!! And for the simple fact that he and many others will get home sooner, PRAY THAT EVERY NEED THAT INS'T ON THE LIST GETS ADDED! :)

I also have a fundraiser on this blog in the works (I know! My first fundraiser! :)) on this blog. Logan's family does have some fundraisers going on there blog, and I soo wish I could link to them, but I can't. :( So you'll have to deal with me for now. But trust me when I say they are awesome and they deserve all the support we can give them! :)

I know there isn't anyway for you to donate right now, but every penny you might donate in the future will be well spent paying this babe's ransom and getting him HOME where he belongs!! But most important.. they need your PRAYERS!!!! :)
Logan and I - Summer 2010
Thank you all for bearing with in this long post, and dealing with my EXCITMENT!!!! :D And THANK YOU JESUS FOR FINDING MY BABE A FAMILY!!!!!!

I'll love you always my sweet baby boy!!! And I'm behind your mama all the way in getting you HOME!

P.S. If you want to leave an encouraging comment for Logan's mama, I'm sure she will be reading! :)

Faithful Friday - The Carmichael Family

Today, meet another one of the many families who have stepped out in faith!

(Picture stolen from Andrea G's post)
And the beautiful boy they are bringing home!
Recognize this sweetheart?

Now do you?

How about now?

This pic is sure to give it away!


Still don't know?? How about these pictures?

Stephanie and Sean Carmichael have been married since 1998. Stephanie brought two children into the marriage with her, Danielle (19) and Cody (16). Since that time, they added two more….Cole (4) and Caden (2). Both Cole and Caden have Down syndrome and were adopted in 2010 from Ukraine through RR. Sean had an uncle, Mac, with DS and he left a spot in Sean’s heart that is indescribable. Since returning from Ukraine, both have fought the urge to jump right back in and gather as many as possible, but wanted to make sure that Cole and Caden were able to find their spot in the family before introducing someone new. Well, that time is here and everyone is ready to add another one to the mix. Stephanie has looked at Andrey’s picture and profile before and she always thought he was a little doll baby. They are happy to add him to their crew. Any prayers would be appreciated due to the fact that Cole and Caden have never spent more than a couple of hours away from either Mom or Dad! 
Follow the Cole family's adoption journey on their blog at
$20.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Still have no clue!?!? It's ANDREY!!! :) I posted about him here for my second ever Waiting Wednesday, and here when he appeared on the MFFM page. :) The Carmichael's are another awesome family who is going back a second time like the Spitzs, B's, Devowes, Hannons, Burmans, and us, just to name a few! :)  In 2010, they brought home two boys!

ANTON & DAVID for the Carmichael family–Knoxville, TN

Follow the Carmichael family's adoption journey on their blog at

They are cruising though their paperwork and trying to get Andrey home ASAP, so they could really use your financial help as they have very little time to fundraise! They are such an awesome family and it will be worth EVERY DOLLAR you give! Please help bring Andrey home!
By the way, the pictures of Andrey above are from the same missionary - Natalie who took all the ones of Logan! More on her later! :)


And since I didn't get my post done yesterday about the BEST NEWS EVER, look for it later today!!! :)

Forget Me Not Fridays
Also, it's Friday... so hop on over to Flight Platform Living with Jane and join the link up!! You can put a a link in for the child you are currently advocating for and very easy to do and it only takes a minute or two!! I also added it below so you can also join here, but be sure to go over and check out the gallery at Jane's blog! It's a great way to connect with other advocators, and get more hits and followers on your blog! :)

And, as always, don't forget Lyla still needs a FAMILY!!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Waiting Wednesday: Lizzy

I want to introduce you to another child who is waiting - meet BEAUTIFUL Lizzy!
Taken March 2011

Taken April 2011

Taken June 2011

Isn't she precious!??

Lizzy 15H

Girl, born October 2010
Hazel eyes
Black hair
Character is calm
I love how she has grown! Old picture is from March 2011, and new one is from June. She would so benfit from a family while she is still so young!
Lizzy has Down syndrome and is listed as HIV+; however since she is still so young that may just be that her mother was HIV+

LOTS more photos available!
$1026.20 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen??? Like Tabitha, who was listed at the same time, she is still waiting. I'm very surprised she wasn't scooped up right away with how cute she is! She has a very special spot in my heart, and I'm praying for her family to step up! Please spread the word about this sweet peanut!

Be sure to pop in back here tomorrow as I share some of the best news EVER! ;D

Update - Sept 30th- I added Lizzy to the link up at Flight Living Platform with Jane! Please add you link for the child you are currently advocating for! It's VERY easy to do and it only takes a minute! :)

This is the 25th post I've posted her picture in!!!!!! WHERE IS HER FAMILY?!?!?!?!

Not So Wordless Wednesday

My beautiful boy!

To my Dearest Logan-
I love you my baby! And I want to thank Miss Natalie for taking all these precious videos of you and and so many others! (Like Ovalyn! LOL)  You are no longer a forgetten unloved orphan on the other side of the world. You are soo loved by many on this side of the ocean, in Canada, down south, and right here in the Mid-west! Not to mention many other places! You may still be an orphan by human standards, but that's just for the time being. I know your family is out there! And, by heavenly standards you have always been and always will be a Child of the Most High God! He knew you while you were still in your mother's womb and has a plan for your life! And I'm sure that plan includes lots of loving and attention you don't get very often where you are now! Even after you come home to your very own family, you'll always remain a big part of my heart and life! I love you my baby!
LOTS of Love,


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

EIGHTEEN!!!!!!!!! :D

I woke up today and found some awesome stuff in my Google reader...

The kind of stuff that makes me want to bounce around the house!

And bounce I did! :)

I bounced so much that Anna called me by the name of that silly frog... again!

I left a comment on the post in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!

Because that's how excited I was!

And how excited I STILL AM!!!!

This totally made my day!

Am I leaving you in suspense?

Haha, I'm sure you already scrolled down...

But if you didn't...

GUESSS WHATTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The blog post I read in my read was pictures of none other than...



Not only a new picture of him...


With out further ado -