Tuesday, September 27, 2011

For Rosie..

Hi Rosie! Thanks for visiting my blog! You left a comment on my last post asking if Marissa's new parents have a blog. Well, lucky for you they just got put up on RR today! :)

Here is their profile and blog - 

MARISSA for the Gillette family — Mountain Home, ID

Chris and Gretchen have been married for four fabulous years.  They have three sons whom they adopted from the Lord the old fashioned way.   They are currently expecting their fourth child but that doesn’t stop them from seeking out the children who are already on this earth and in dire need of a home and family.  During college Gretchen spent time living in Ecuador and volunteering in the orphanages there.  The imprint those children left will never diminish.  It showed her that orphans are out there, waiting; not living, not loving, just waiting. Adoption has always been in the plans but while in grad school it just wasn’t an option.  Most recently Chris has finished school and started working as a Dentist for the United States Air Force.  FINALLY they can open their hearts and home to the souls the Lord has already sent to earth.  This will be their first adoption but likely not their last.  With Chris having spent a number of years working and teaching in Russia this little angel was a perfect fit; not to mention she looks just like the rest of the family.  Adopting is a daunting task, adopting a special needs older child is even more daunting a task but they know if the Lord brought them here, He will see them through.  It is their hope that God will continue to bless and watch over her and all the other waiting children until they are brought safely home.

Follow the Gillette family's adoption journey on their blog http://ohillwrite.blogspot.com/

$0.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

So there you go! :) You can find the above on the New Commitments page, and to specifically answer your question their blog is http://ohillwrite.blogspot.com/!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I hope you stop by again!

And everyone else.. you can go visit Rosie's blog here! :)

Ok everyone, stay tuned, as I have some VERY exciting things to share with you all! (Exciting for me at least!) :D

I wish one of the exciting things would be that she has a family! Unfortunately she doesn't.. yet!

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