Monday, September 5, 2011

'Mazing Monday - Gabe House

I nearly forgot it was Monday! It feels like a Saturday with the holiday.. Hope everyone is having a Happy Labor Day!

Meet Mr. Gabe! With every post Gabe continues to blossom! I love watching it!

GAVIN & TRISTAN for the House (2) family–Brooksville, FL


Follow the House family's adoption journey on their blog

----------------------------From July 11th-----------------------------
1 Corinthians 13:7&8


Always protects
Always trusts ~
1 month ago Gabe rejected our touch

Always hopes
Always perseveres ~

Today he begs to be held

1 month ago Gabe had spent his entire six years laying down in a crib


~ Love 
fails ~

-----------------Don't forget! Lyla still needs a family!---------------------

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  1. Sarah - Thank you so much for this post!! These videos are AMAZING!!!!! WOW!!!!!!


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