Saturday, September 3, 2011

Faithful Friday - The Simpson Family

So this week I actually have a GOOD excuse for not getting my post done on Friday! Yesterday we were without power most of the day (more on that later), and then shortly after we got power back, Mom left for a ‘get-away’ and took the internet router thingy with her. She’ll be back later today, and I’ll publish this then, but for now I’m in a Word doc. J (I love how you can create a blog post doc in Word!)

Onto today’s FF family! Meet the Simpson Family!

After blue x3, they are ready for some PINK! Meet Chloe, whom they are naming Katie. Isn't she just gorgeous??

CHLOE for the Simpson family — Wartrace, TN

Chris and Kim were married in 2003 and have three biological children. David is seven, Henry is six, and Jack is three. Kim works as a legal assistant and office manager for a small law firm and Chris is a stay-at-home dad and student.

Chris and Kim have long discussed the possibility of adopting a child. Those discussions turned very serious after meeting a little boy whose family found him through Reece’s Rainbow. After three boys, Chris and Kim are ready to add some pink to the mix at the Simpson house! They spent several hours over several weeks searching the Reece’s Rainbow website and kept coming back to Chloe. Her sweet face and pretty smile would not allow them to turn away. After lots of discussion, they decided to finally add a little girl to their family.

Chris and Kim’s first experience with special needs was with their eldest son, David who was diagnosed with apraxia of speech at 18 months old. He had many years of speech therapy and made great progress. He was later diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome and Sensory Processing Disorder. After getting David into an amazing, unique occupational therapy program, they cannot believe the progress and improvements they’ve seen. Chris and Kim have worked hard to ensure that David has the best therapies available to him and are always researching ways to help David improve and manage his needs. Both David and Henry attend a magnet school for high achieving children and are active in sports and scouting. Jack is an energetic, fun, happy, smart little boy who is curious about everything around him. The Simpsons are so eager to welcome a little girl into their family and their home. They have a happy house where laughter is always a part of the day. Chris, Kim, and their boys have so much love to share and cannot wait to bring Chloe home and make her a part of their family!

Follow the Simpson family's adoption journey on their blog at

$100.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

I have a very special place in my heart for this precious girl, and I’m SOO happy she found a FAMILY! Her family is awesome! I’ve emailed back and forth with her mama, and eagerly read everyone one of her blog posts, and I can say that this family truly loves this little girl and would do anything to get her home (not saying other families I post about wouldn’t!). But, the country they are adopting her from is pretty expensive, so they can’t do it all by themselves! They need your help!!! Right now they are having an awesome fundraiser – Coins for Katie! What do a Sippy cup and Katie have in common? You! Because you have the chance to use a Sippy cup to help bring Katie home! If you send your address to Kim, Katie’s new mama, she will send you a sippy cup, and you get to fill it up with change to bring Katie home! When it’s full, you can either send it back to the Simpson’s, or empty it into a bag and start again! When you are done, you can either mail it back to them, send a check for the total amount back to them, or donate the amount to their PayPal account!

I got my cup the other day in the mail and we have already started filling it up! Yesterday, when my sister Rebekah (4) found a coin, she was like “Sarah! I’m gonna go put this in your baby’s cup!” Haha, I wish she was my baby, and I would have committed as soon as I saw her if that was possible but it’s not since being a 13 year old and not married doesn’t qualify me. J I am thrilled for her family though, and happy she doesn’t have to wait for me since it’ll be awhile! J

They also have a Run for Katie fundraiser going on, so if you run and are looking for a good cause to support, check it out here! I def don’t run, but you could run a 5K to help get this precious girl home, couldn’t you? J
That's all I've got, but PLEASE help bring this precious girl home!

Don't forget! Lyla still needs a FAMILY!


  1. Another great post Sarah!!! I Love this sippy cup idea!!! PRAYING for this BEAUTIFUL family!!!!!

  2. I love it Sarah! Thank you so much!!


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