Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Waiting Wednesday: Anastasia

Wednesday is here! :) Meet sweet Anastasia!

Girl, Born June 2009
Anastasia is a sweet girl who was born with arthrogryposis.   She is a darling girl who tries her best to get around, but she needs surgery and she needs physical therapy badly.  She has a happy disposition and will truly blossom in a loving family of her own.  She will remain bedridden for life if she is not adopted.
From her medical records:   Arthrogryposis multiplex congenital. Q74.3, Congenital dislocation of hip, bilateral. Q65.1, Other specified disorders of brain. G93.8, Other hydrocephalus. G91.8, Other ill-defined heart diseases. I51.8, Iron deficiency anemia unspecified. D50.9, Retarded development following protein-energy malnutrition. E45
From one of our adoptive families who met her in September 2011:  The great news is that she does have rotation in her shoulders and some in her hips and also they say she does NOT have hydrocephalus! Her heart condition is basically that she's not active enough – her heart-rate isn't stimulated often. She had a brain scan that showed she is normal except for enlarged ventricles in the brain, which they did not feel should affect the function of her brain. She is very weak, though. She cannot sit on her own and they said she could hold her head up but when I held her her poor little neck could hardly stay up (I'm sure that would change with some p/t). They handed her right to my husband – a big guy – which frightened her, poor little Anastasia! They told us she liked music so I took her and sang to her and she calmed a bit but then still wanted her nanny. I can't tell you how much we truly WANTED so badly to take her home with us! She is just precious! But she has never been out of that room and will really need a family who is experienced with institutionalization challenges, and to help Anastasia LIKE the world around her! "
More photos available 
$7894.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

This sweet princess in needs a family NOW! She recently turned two, and when she gets old enough and is transferred between 4-6, she will go to one of the worst institutions in her country. Most likely she will not live long once there. The info from an adoptive family that visited her is just from the other day, so it's very recent! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spread the word for this princess!! Before it's too late!



  1. Thanks so much for writing about Anastasia! I was thinking of writing about her soon --- she really needs a home as soon as possible!

  2. Sarah bless you for writing about these girls. Anastatia will ofcourse be added to the forget-me-not gallery. i will pray for these sweethearts. do come back and linkup again, i was so excited to see you come and join us on the linkup! much love janex


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