Monday, September 12, 2011

'Mazing Monday - Kirill Davis

Today, meet Kirill!

KIRILL for the Davis Family — Tuscaloosa, AL


Follow the adoption journey of the Davis family on their blog at

I just gotta say... these are my absolute favorite posts to do!! It's AMAZING what the love a family can do after a few short months, or even a few weeks!! God is oh, so GOOD!
A true picture of what REDEMPTION looks like ---

After 3 days home

After 5 days home
After 11 days home
After 20 days home

Side view: 3 days home
Side view: 11 days home
Side view: 20 days home (notice the thighs...there's actually some meat on them!)

First night we had Kirill after bath
Last night after bath


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