Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shoot for the Stars Giveaway!

My new friend Leah, at Caring for Celine and Cora Lynne is having an amazing giveaway right now! I told her I would share it on my blogs and I'm keeping my promise! She put out a plea for help awhile back asking for donations of prizes for an upcoming giveaway. Well her giveaway is up and running now, and who wouldn't want this gorgeous dress???

How can you not want that! It's beautiful!

This necklace is pretty awesome too!!

This has Elijah written ALL over it! :) He LOVES his guitars!
And I donated a "in-store credit" for our other blog - Handiwork for Lilly! So PLEASE go to Leah's blog and let the fun begin! Entries are $5 ea or $10 for 3, and it's open 'till the end of the month, but go enter NOW! :)


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  1. thanks Sarah! Also we have a matching grant for the next $100 gifted!


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