Friday, September 9, 2011

Faithful Friday - The Duval Family

Remember when I put out the plea for Cole and his buddy Owen? And I posted about them again here. Well, guess what! Cole has a FAMILY now! :)

I don't have a family picture, but on the left are pictures of their 7 beautiful children. Is Daniel (the littlest) not the cutest thing in the world?? :) 5 of their 7 children are adopted, and though they thought they were done, or were going to at least wait awhile for their next adoption.. they changed their minds when they saw Cole. They knew he was meant to be in their family. And the blog they found him on (see FSP below), is the blog of my (I think) BFF - Rachel! Proverb's 24:12 :)

PLEASE help them bring this precious boy home! Whether it's putting their button on your blog, sharing and posting about them, donating to their fund, or PRAYING, it ALL helps!!

And coming soon a FF post about Cole's buddy Owen's family! I'm soo happy BOTH these boys are coming home!!

Below is the Duval's FSP profile (click on the title to go there), and more pictures of Cole!

COLE for the Duval family — Marion, IA
James and Sherrie Duval have been married for 17 years. God has blessed them with 7 children. Joshua 27, Toni 19, Elijah 14, Enoch 14, Patience 9, Abraham 7 and Daniel 11 months. Five of their children have been adopted. With each adoption God has increasingly shown them the blessing of having children and built an amazing family unit. They thought perhaps they were done adopting or at least on hold for awhile until Cole showed up on a blog Sherrie reads regularly. When Jim saw Cole he knew this was his son. So they are excited to start their first adoption with Reece’s Rainbow, an organization they had already supported financially and with many prayers. One of the nice surprises about this adoption is that Jim was the one to initiate it. Something about Cole just touched his heart.

Follow the Duval family's adoption journey on their blog at

$10.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

I wish I could see the joy on his face when someone tells him he has a family coming for him! :)

----------------------Lyla still needs a FAMILY!-------------------

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  1. Wow!! Thank you Thank you!!! I just saw this. I so appreciate your advocating for our son. I did actually find him from a combination of your friend's blog and another blog. Micah 6:8 ...she had a link to your friend's blog so that is how we found our son. Two women advocating for a precious little boy and God moving my husbands heart. I feel so amazed everytime I find him on another blog and see the love from the adoption world and hearts of sister's in Christ looking for homes for these children. You made my day!!!!


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