Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My God is Lord: A Post I Never Wanted To Write

Rest in peace Noah, my sweey baby brother... My God is Lord: A Post I Never Wanted To Write: "I have debated on whether or not to even post this, but since I posted this about our news, I knew I had to do this post. I m..."

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Say Yes

Please take time today to watch this amazing video! And grab some kleenexs before you hit play!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Prayer Request for Carrington!!!!

While I am totally stealing this post off another blog, the other blog just happens to be mine, so all is good. :) and while reading this you will find out some of the history of my other blog - Handiwork for Noah. :)


Hi Everyone!
Yes, I do really need to update, add more items, and fix the sidebar, but before I do that I need to ask you to pray. To pray HARD.

For those of you who haven't been following along for a while, back in October/November 2010, I was raising money for a little princess named Anastasiya. I started raising money for her after Tori found a family. After awhile, Tori's family decided to commit to Anastasiya too!

Anastasiya's RR picture
Tori's RR picture
Very recently they completed both of the girl's adoptions. Anastasiya's new name is Carrington Ann Burman, and Tori's new name is Reagan Faith Burman. Not until they had "Gotcha Day" just over a week ago, did they realize how grave of a condition Carrington is in. I do not have permission to post pictures, so please go here (http://carringtonscourage.blogspot.com/2011/03/urgent-please-pray-for-carrington.html) to see what Mrs. Burman (Shelly) saw the first time she changed Carrington's diaper. They landed in the US this past Thursday night (March 17th) and they rushed Carrington to the hospital right away. She weighed in at 11 pounds. That's not a typo, she is 3 1/2 years old and weighed 11 pounds. I say "weighed" because she has LOST a 1/2 pound. She is in very very grave condition. Every doctor/staff member who has seen her doesn't know how she has survived this long. Her body is slowly shutting down and dying. She is dying. She has not been able to keep anything down since she left the orphanage.

Not until yesterday and only for a short time was Mrs. Burman able to go home. She has been gone for 2 1/2-3  weeks, away from her 5 kids, and yet she will do this all for her daughter. Her daughter who she is in Crazy Love with and was willing to go across the ocean to get, when she already had/is going to have 6 kids. And let's not forget about Mr. Burman (Brian), their other 5 children, and Reagan. Carrington is going to be in the hospital for at least another 2 weeks, if not more.

So I ask you to pray for these needs:
1. First and foremost for Carrington - for survival, that she will able to keep something down, and that her frail body will accept nutrition.
2. For the Burman family - That God will grant them extra physical and emotional strength, courage and peace during this extremely difficult time, that Reagan will fit into their frantic schedule like she has done it all her life, and that she will bond extremely fast and well to her new family.
3. For the doctors and staff at the hospital - that they will have wisdom beyond what they have ever known so that they can make the correct decisions that will be best for Carrington, that they will have emotional strength to care for Carrington and comfort her family.
4. For everyone else involved - Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Family Friends, etc.

Yes, there are a lot of prayer requests, and they are big requests, but our God is bigger than all of those and so much more. He is able to heal Carrington, and give the Burman's strength, courage, and peace beyond what they could ever imagine. WE SERVE A MIGHTY GOD!! Lift your prayer voices to Him right now friends, He won't fail to hear you!

If you are able, another way you can help is to give the Burman's financial assistance. Please go here to find the chip-in to help the Burmans.

Please go to these links (esp the first one!!!) to read some inspiring posts about Carrington:
Mrs. Nance (Stephanie)'s blog - Under the fluffy pajamas....
Mrs. Spitz (Summer)'s blog - God is Calling NOW!!!!
My friend Briana at So That They May Have a Voice has also been blogging about Carrington.

I will not be posting about every new update although I will post some updates. But I ask you to go to this wonderful blog - Carrington's Courage, and stay updated there. You can read back through the updates from the past few days as they are much more detailed then mine as Sarah (the blog author, not me) has direct contact with the Burmans, and keep checking back there for more updates and prayer needs. Jewels in My Crown also will have updates.

**Also - I just saw this post with an update and a new picture of Carrington - Jewels in My Crown: Carrington says "Hello!"

Thank you!!!


I posted that on Sunday, and since then there have been several more updates on Princess Carrington. I'll repost the update I just posted here as well.


Princess Carrington is doing much better! From the last update - she is keeping food down much better, and in larger quanities. She has also remained IV free for 24 hours! She has been gaining weight and losing it, but in a way that is good because that means her body is realizing that it doesn't have to keep shutting down to die.

As I said in my last post about her, she has her own blog where there are updates - Courage for Carrington. Please go check there to see pictures and read more updates!

Carrington's button! The hat and scarf in the picture are made by none other than yours truly! :) Hmm... I wonder if I could talk Sarah who is blogging about Carrington into mentioning where people can get a scarf and hat like the ones in the picture! ;)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Three things I learned today...

***Three things to keep in mind while reading this post - 1) I live in the Upper Midwest, where the spring weather is a little out of whack - 2) I have these boots - 3) I can easily injure myself with something like a pencil (I almost killed myself the other night playing with a mouse trap at youth group-don't ask!)*

Now, onto the three things I learned today!
1) It is WAY to nasty outside (freezing rain, wind, mud, puddles, typical spring weather here) to walk a dog a 1/2 mile.
2) My boots are water proof but not puddle proof.
3) Umbrellas are dangerous when its windy! I didn't fly away like Mary Poppins, but I did manage to whack myself across the face with a pole from the umbrella...

Heehee, probaby not what you expected for my first post, but... I have a sense of humor (just ask my friends!). :) A little about me - I am 12 years old, and the oldest of 6 children. Anna is 8, Isaac is 6, Rebekah is 4, Elijah is 3, and Rachel is 1. Elijah came home at the end of last year from an orphanage in Eastern Europe (EE). He is adjusting very well, getting into lots of trouble (as any American 3 yo boy would!), and we are trilled to have him in our family! You can visit my mom's adoption blog (now more of a family blog) here - My God is Lord. I LOVE to crochet and sew and I don't care so much for math. ;) Last summer I was able to go on a mission trip to EE with my dad and it was a life changing experience. I can't wait to go back! I'll tell more about that trip in another post. I also have a heart for orphans, and I hope I am able to adopt some day. I have several other blogs including my crocheting blog - For His Glory Handiwork, and a blog where I am selling my crocheting items to help the Silva family bring Noah home - Handiwork for Noah. Not sure what else to say about myself and mom's telling me it's time to get off, so I better go. Until next time, Paka!