Sunday, March 20, 2011

Three things I learned today...

***Three things to keep in mind while reading this post - 1) I live in the Upper Midwest, where the spring weather is a little out of whack - 2) I have these boots - 3) I can easily injure myself with something like a pencil (I almost killed myself the other night playing with a mouse trap at youth group-don't ask!)*

Now, onto the three things I learned today!
1) It is WAY to nasty outside (freezing rain, wind, mud, puddles, typical spring weather here) to walk a dog a 1/2 mile.
2) My boots are water proof but not puddle proof.
3) Umbrellas are dangerous when its windy! I didn't fly away like Mary Poppins, but I did manage to whack myself across the face with a pole from the umbrella...

Heehee, probaby not what you expected for my first post, but... I have a sense of humor (just ask my friends!). :) A little about me - I am 12 years old, and the oldest of 6 children. Anna is 8, Isaac is 6, Rebekah is 4, Elijah is 3, and Rachel is 1. Elijah came home at the end of last year from an orphanage in Eastern Europe (EE). He is adjusting very well, getting into lots of trouble (as any American 3 yo boy would!), and we are trilled to have him in our family! You can visit my mom's adoption blog (now more of a family blog) here - My God is Lord. I LOVE to crochet and sew and I don't care so much for math. ;) Last summer I was able to go on a mission trip to EE with my dad and it was a life changing experience. I can't wait to go back! I'll tell more about that trip in another post. I also have a heart for orphans, and I hope I am able to adopt some day. I have several other blogs including my crocheting blog - For His Glory Handiwork, and a blog where I am selling my crocheting items to help the Silva family bring Noah home - Handiwork for Noah. Not sure what else to say about myself and mom's telling me it's time to get off, so I better go. Until next time, Paka!

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