Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Catch Up - Friends in Ohio

When I go somewhere out of state, I've been making it a habit to connect with old friends, new friends, and online friends. Because the adoption world is so spread out, it's hard to go anywhere without being able to do that.

Our trip to Ohio (see previous post), was no exception.

When I found out we were going, I wanted to go visit Sarah's quilt shop.

Sarah is a young lady who runs a quilt shop with her mom. She also happens to have Down syndrome. I've read her blog for a few years, and I was looking forward to meeting her!

After the GPS got us lost, we finally found the beautiful little quilt shop. We had fun chatting with Sarah and her mom and of course, shopping from all the beautiful fabric.

If you are ever going to be in Cleveland, I encourage to go check them out! Their website is here, and you can also read Sarah's blog here.

Oh, and Elijah was apparently tired of riding in the car because when we buckled him back in when we were leaving, he signing "May I please be excused?" Ha! Nice try buddy!

And then came the surprise of the weekend. I had mentioned on Facebook that we got to Ohio, and Summer messaged me wanting to know where, because they wanted to come see us!

So, long story short, that awesome Spitz family packed up for a road trip and came to visit us at the hotel!

We swam, we ate, we talked, we played, and we had soo much fun!

When Summer and Dave were in Ukraine adopting Bellie, they met my mom, who was just about to bring Elijah home. I met them for the first time in DC last summer, and then again in September and May when I went to watch their kids. And that's it. So our families really haven't really met. Until they came to see us! :)

I'm so glad they finally got to meet, and I got to see my Spitz babies again, even if just for a few hours!

Thank you for coming Summer and Fam! ♥ you!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Catch Up - Road Trip to Ohio!

Aside from my last post, it's been awhile, hasn't it? Life got busy then blogger decided to stop working. I now have to type all my posts in HMTL because otherwise it won't let me blog, no matter what computer or browser I use. :P

So we're gonna play catch up!

A couple weeks ago, we we went to Ohio for my cousin's graduation party. We road tripped it and made it a much more enjoyable trip by renting an RV.

We survived the trip there.

We dressed up as Cousin Eddie (Christmas Vacation) when we got out of the RV. (Yes, that would be my father, and it was his sisters idea. It had to be explained to me, apparently I'm not movie smart (which I already knew)!)

We jumped on the bed while playing our ukuleles.

We hung out at the pool.

We played at the park.

We celebrated Jonathan's 3rd birthday!!

And we slept in crazy ways in makeshift beds.

And stay tuned for my next post to see who we got to visit!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Lighting My Candle

A week or so ago, we found out that sweet "Hanson" has passed away. He was waiting in mental institution, and never had a family who loved him and was working to bring him home.

He passed away all alone. Never to know the love of a family.

Now he knows the infianate love of his Abba Daddy in heaven.


But, the thing is. This shouldn't be happening. Innocent children passing away because adults [who should be the ones to care for them, love them, and nurture them] aren't caring, they are abusing.

I'm not just talking about the nannies and those involved in direct care. What about those about those indirectly involved in caring for these children.

The directors making poor financial decisions.

The leaders who decide that thousands of children with SN should rot and die in institutions because he doesn't like some legislation another country passed.

I'm going to take it another step further, and say this, though it may offend some. I'm talking about the families who are able to care for a child, have the room and resources, feel God telling them too, and stomp their foot and say "NO!", because it's not conveinient for them and takes them out of their comfort zone.

Don't you see what's going on here??

There are millions of orphans around the world. They need homes. They need love. And a lot of them will not be adopted in their own country because they have special needs, or for some other reason.

They are helpless, and have no voice.

And we aren't doing anything to help! We are just sitting in our comfy homes, going on with life, while they are fighting for their very lives.

WE are the solution. If we don't act, there may not be anyone else.

And IT IS OUR PROBLEM! It's absolutely our problem. It's OUR JOB to make a difference. Even if just in the life of ONE. It's still worth it.
The lives of the children are on our shoulders, why aren't we doing anything??

Hanson and others DIED. This should be our WAKE UP call.


Once our eyes are opened, we can not pretend we don't know what to do.


Hanson passed away because no one stepped up in time, no one decided in time to go get him.

Tonight, I'm lighting a white candle on this blog in honor of Hanson.

In honor of Sergey. [Read his story here]

In honor of Dayna.

In honor of all the others we didn't get to in time.

And with the lighting of this candle, I make a commitment to work harder than ever to get these precious children home before it's too late. To raise awareness, raise money, and above all, to pray.

Because they don't deserve to be dying. It's not right. And it shouldn't be happening when it's in our power to stop it.

Rest in peace, precious ones. You are always loved, and never forgotten. ♥

Visit Julia's blog HERE to find out more about Hanson and the candles for him. It's a post you don't want to skip.