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Waiting Wednesday - Cole and Owen

Holy Smokes! It's Wednesday again! Guess the week went a little fast in anticipation for mom and dad coming home, and them being home! Got lots of posts coming though! :) This Wednesday, meet Cole, and then Owen!


Helping the nannies by rounding up a stray little one - he would make such a great big brother, esp at this house!!!


Born May 18, 2005
It's too bad he didn't smile for the camera, because Cole has an impish smile and is very helpful and sweet.  He was born HIV+ and turned 6 years old this past spring. He's fortunate to be in a good orphanage, although they'll transfer him this fall if he doesn't find a family. 

From a family who met him this past summer:  He is the oldest of the boys still there, so the most at risk for being transferred. He seems very smart. He was what I call the "orphanage helper". He was always helping the ladies push the strollers full of laundry back and forth from the laundry house and always helping the groundskeepers sweep and pick up sticks, etc.

From a family who visited with him in spring 2011:  
Cole is bright, friendly, engaging, inquisitive, helpful, athletic, and charming! Being the oldest child there, Cole is everyone's "big brother". He helps the caregivers keep track of any of the little ones who wander too far, and coaxes them back to where they belong. He can often be seen carrying bags of sand toys that they bring out to play with. He's learned responsibility from a young age. There are also pictures of him on the walls in traditional clothes of his country, performing in a Children's Day program with the biggest smile on his face! So, he clearly enjoys music and dancing, as well as sports. Whenever he sees me, he smiles and waves and yells, "Mama!" As in "Look! Here I am!". The director said that Cole asked my son if we would take him, too. To which my son answered "Yes! You can come too! My mama and papa will bring all of you!" Ouch. How it hurts me to know that within a few days, my son will be the only little boy walking out through those gates, and "Cole" (and "Owen") will be left behind. People are overlooking an absolute gem of a child!

For more info and parent support on adopting and raising a child with HIV, please visit



November 11, 2005
This handsome guy was born HIV+ and is lucky to be in a good place right now.  However, he could really use a home as he recently turned 5 years old.

From a family who met him this past summer:  He looks like he needs to be a football player or a hockey player! He definitely needs a Daddy, but also loves to just be held so would be a great snuggler for Mommy!

For more info and parent support on adopting and raising a child with HIV, please visit
 $1025.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Cole and Owen

The mom who is over there right now with her boy on her lap is the one who took most of these pictures, and the boy with the monkey is another little boy with a family. Then there is Cole and Owen standing next to her.

Cole in the blue leading the other little boy, and Owen in the orange.

From the mama who is there right now:

Every day this little boy (Cole) comes up to me and talks & talks... I don't understand his language, but he is asking me questions, and saying something very adamantly. I know what he's saying... he wants me to take him home with my boy. The director said he wants a family desperately. He calls me Mama and my husband, Papa. It's tearing me up!

He wants what his friend, Kolya (my Cole) has. Someone to visit him, and bring him toys, and take him away from the groupa to play tag and hide and seek. A dad to wrestle with and throw a ball. He wants so badly to belong to someone!!!

Today Yulia said that our son was supposed to have been transferred, but the director kept him there b/c we were coming for him. He also kept Cole and his friend Owen, because a family had committed to them. But no one's coming now, and Yulia said there is "a man from the church" who will take these boys to live at a monastery! Cole doesn't want to live in a monastery! He wants to play soccer and baseball, and ride a bike! I've mentioned him time and again on this blog and on facebook, but I'm flat-out PLEADING for this boy's future now! His and Owen's.

 It's not too late to start the process to bring them home! The director WANTS him to have a family! As far as I know he still thinks one is on the way... and I'm not about to tell him differently. Cole and Owen still have a chance if someone will just step up and 
say, "I want him! He's my son!"

As you can see, they need a family now! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help them! They don't want to go to a monastery, and you can change that!

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