Tuesday, June 7, 2011


First off, I apologize that this may not flow smoothly like it should, it's late and I'm a wee bit tried (maybe that has something to do with the fact I went to bed at almost 1am last night, and was up at 7:30 this morning, and I was chasing kids all day.. :)).

While my parents are gone, us kids are splitting up between several people. Anna, Rebekah, and Rachel went home with my grandparents on Sunday. My parents had to fly out today, so before they left they brought Isaac, Elijah, and me to our friends house which isn't far from the airport. They have 2 little girls with DS, Ruby (age 4) and Lilya (age 6). Lilya came home from EE last summer! And these are the very special people we found out about RR from! So I wouldn't be here at their if they didn't exists on earth. (And that made point zero sense...) They have a 7 yo son, who is a Star Wars Lego fanatic just like Isaac. They also have a girl who is a few years older than me who is Autistic. So anywho... Oh nevermind, I don't know what the point of this is, probably explaining where I am. (See, I'm tried! :) But Rachel would tell ya that I'm like this all the time, which is probably true - I'm tried a lot. But I should stop blaming it on being tired and just tell you that this is what I'm really like.. ok not really but close.) Aren't I confusing? sigh.. So anyways, oh forget it. :P LOL I just read what I wrote, and I am debating whether or not to delete it... Mom will probably tell me to, but hey, she's busy with other things right now.. :)

Other thing I wanted to tell you about - my packing. (This will confirm any thought you've had of me possibly being crazy.) So I normally don't have a hard time packing light. The problem is I am so paranoid I'm going to forget something or need it and not have it. I was packing the other night, and I was looking around my room for things I needed. I saw my slippers and I seriously thought "Maybe I should bring those in case it gets cold." I'll have you know that the thought was there for 0.2 seconds, and that I did not bring my slippers. But still the thought was there.. sigh... Oh and then I was in the pantry (not packing, getting something), and I saw my tea. I decided I should bring some. Then I thought "I hope 3 bags will be enough.. omigosh, what if I go into a tea drinking spree and I run out of tea! Then what will I do!" Yeah, that would be me... sigh..

Ok, enough babbling, Sarah. For all my readers (if you still are a reader after reading this ;)), I HIGHLEY commend you if you have made it this far! :)

Night night!

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