Sunday, June 12, 2011

Eddie has a FAMILY!

So I failed to blog that EDDIE HAS A FAMILY! So.. I'm here to tell you that EDDIE HAS A FAMILY! :)

I was SOO EXCITED to hear that! :D I blogged about him here for my first Waiting Wednesday post. I have been emailing with his new mama (another benefit of being at Michelle's house!!), and she is awesome!!! :) And no I can't tell who she is yet, but I will as soon as their FSP is up!

I was his Warrior, but I guess I'm not anymore, so I'll take that off my sidebar! :) (P.S. Did anyone notice my new blog design? I made it my self, but I'm not to proud of myself as it was very easy - just changing the HMTL code.. :))

Hang on sweetie! Mama hopes to have you home by Christmas! :D

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  1. WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! I'm so excited!!! You'll have to fill me in later who his family is. :-) Praying they can get to him quickly!


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