Wednesday, June 8, 2011

They made it!

I got an email from dad this morning and he said that they made it to Jonathan's country! And no luggage lost! :) Please go check out my mom's blog where I posted for the whole story.

But in the mean time, we are having fun here! :) I repost from Michelle's blog (who we are staying with):

Our Family is Growing!
Or maybe I should say our family has grown?
I'd worry about my mom panicking over that title ... but she was here when our guests appeared this morning, so I hope she didn't just pass out reading this!

Our friends are returning to Eastern Europe to adopt again ... Yup, they are adopting AGAIN!  They brought home the sweetest little guy, Elijah, just this past December.

You can read more on their blog:

BUT, if my blogging is sporadic the next couple weeks, it's because we have THREE additional children in the house!  Brian says I have to blog, though, so their parents know how they're doing ... I guess I could always just email them, too?

Elijah & Lilya -- they're from the same country!

Elijah brought his big brother and his oldest sister along with him ... Isaac is Braden's age, and they've played Star Wars All.Day.Long.

They were probably playing Star Wars in the sprinkler!

Isaac on the move...

and Braden on the go -- they really got along very well!

Elijah's oldest sister, Sarah ... well, I might just keep her.  She's very helpful -- and the girls already absolutely adore her!  This was Brian's concern all along ... that I won't want to give Sarah back ;)

We hope their parents have a safe trip over -- and we can't wait to follow along their journey of adopting Jonathan!  They're hoping to get him home before his first birthday in July -- he's a really little guy!

P.S. I apologize for my post last night.. If you haven't yet don't bother reading it.. :)

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