Monday, June 6, 2011

'Mazing Monday - Liza

So I'm starting a new series of days - 'Mazing Monday. After my complete failure at Faithful Friday's (I'm gonna keep trying, I promise!), I don't know why I'm doing this.. But I thought since I have a day for Waiting Kids (Waiting Wednesday), and a day for families in process (Faithful Friday), I should have a day for kids who are already home! So introducing "'Mazing Monday"! All these kids that I feature are amazing, home, and thriving with their loving families, instead of sitting in an orphanage or institution. :)

This Monday, meet Liza!

LIZA for The Lorenz Family–Locust Grove, VA

The Lorenz family
Liza from Ukraine

Follow the adoption journey of the Lorenz family on their blog at

In a few of my Waiting Wednesday posts (Logan, Ryan, and Brody), I have mentioned that they were at the orphanage I was at on my mission trip last summer. Out of those 3, I only got to play with Logan, but that doesn't mean I didn't hold any other RR kids! :) One of the other ones was Liza! I didn't know until we got home that she had a family coming for her, or even that she was on RR, but luckily I got quite a few picture of her like the one to the left. She finally came home the middle of November! :)

A recent post from her mama's blog -

So, we're out having lunch today and this is what takes place.

Liza is sitting beside Rick on the booth seat across from me. She is eating nothing but french fries and he wants her to eat her chicken. (BTW- how did she turn into a typical American kid so fast?)

Rick tells her to eat her chicken and then gives her a stern look as she picks up another french fry.

She looks at him as if to say, "what?" That doesn't work so she puts on a cute face and shakes her ponytail at him.

He almost smiled, but didn't quite crack. He says, "Liza eat your chicken." and tries another stern look.

She leans behind his back and kisses his shoulder.

Dad eats the chicken and she eats her french fries.

Liza 1 / Daddy 0

Little sinker! :) Feel free to go to their blog (link above) for more pictures! But for now, I'm just happy my sweet girl is home! :)

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  1. Thank you, Sarah, for loving my little girl and holding her when I couldn't. This made me cry with a huge smile on my face. She IS amazing and wonderful and awesome and precious (I have that exact convo w/her every day lol).


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