Friday, May 13, 2011

Waiting Wednesday: Logan

Boy, born October 2007

From a volunteer who spent several months at this orphanage:
This little boy is an absolute treasure! Based on his physical and behavioural characteristics, I believe that he has fetal alcohol syndrome. When I first met him he showed some signs of aggression (hitting, spitting, occasional biting, etc.), directed towards adults when he didn't get his way. Over time however, those behaviours all but disappeared. Logan has a real desire to please and before long the little boy who would resort to spitting to get my attention was blowing me kisses instead! Despite a lack of stimulation/attention from caregivers, Logan is very smart and loves to learn, soaking up every opportunity he gets. He enjoys imitating others and I found him picking up some of my expressions and mannerisms (ex. because of the language barrier, I use the word "wow!" a lot and that quickly became one of his favourite words… and he always used it appropriately!). He does not speak much but does say some words in Russian such as "bye", "thank you" and "uh-oh". He nevertheless communicates well through gestures and has a good understanding of Russian and even began to understand some English words as I was working with him. He walks/runs well, feeds himself with minimal mess, goes potty during "potty time" and only rarely wets his pants. He loves peek-a-boo and tea parties, balls and barrel of monkeys, music and dancing… and he loves to be tickled! I truly believe that he would make the perfect son for any family, large or small.

More pictures available.

$90.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Look at this sweet boy! He was just listed on RR very recently. I am head over heals in love for him, and you will not get me to bequiet about him he has a family and they are fully funded! :) You know why I love him so much? Because I had the opportunity not many advocaters for children have. I got to meet him, and hold him and love on him. I can't add much onto what his profile says... it's all so true! Though I only got to be with him for a short time, I know that he will adjust very well into a family unlike some of the other kids there (me maybe?). Like Andrea (the missionary who was there) said, he is a people pleaser and just loves attention! Please contact me (forhisgloryhandiwork (at) gmail (dot) com), and I can give you more info about him, and the orphanage and city, and put you in contact with Andrea who is a wealth of info! PLEASE, isn't he your son? Like I said, I ain't gonna be quiet about him!

Me and Logan :)

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