Friday, May 27, 2011

Faithful Friday - The Tam Family

So I've totally missed Faithful Friday the past two weeks, but here's to me being a more "Faithful" blogger! :)

This Friday, meet the Tam Family!

With three boys, they are working hard to add some pink to the family with Miss Paisley!

From their FSP page - 
Renee and Steve have been happily married and in love for over five years.  Along the way  God has given them three very  spirited but sweet little boys, Jack Avery, Dash Olivier, and Paris Auden.  Yet even with all of these beautiful, rough and tumble boys, their hearts still longed for a little girl.  Today we are happy to announce that they have found their daughter.  Valeria, (soon to be Paisley) you are loved and your parents can't wait to scoop you up.  Let there be pink!    
Follow the adoption journey of the Tam family on their blog at 
$10049.15 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Isn't Paisley sweet? Her mommy, Renee, is a huge part of the RR community! From a post by Amanda (adopting Andriy, more on them later) -
A bunch of us RR families have one thing in common we help each other out. So right now there is a special someone who needs us. One of my BFF's  Renee Tam. She begs for every family raising last minute funds before they leave. She has fundraised for me. She even did a "if you donate to Amanda I will match that donation". She is the BESTEST!!! I can't say how sweet Renee is.

Well the other day I noticed her comment on my blog sounded sad. It did not sound like the CRAZY Cajun she is. She is sweet and spicy with a side of southern. Shucks she could be part of my family and she would fit right it!! Well she is sad:( When she is sad I am sad:( She is having a hard time fundraising and to top if off she has learned she will not get to see her little girl Paisley at least until after summer is over. So she is lost right now. We want to show her how much we love her and Paisley and the whole crazy Tam family. We have a secret "Operation Surprise Renee Tam" group on Facebook.!/event.php?eid=213490122004893 

We are asking that everyone that joins donate $5 To She only needs less than $5,000 to be fully funded. That is our goal. I have seen things like this happen when RR families work together. I know you are wondering how in the world we are going to pull that off without her seeing it. Well she is so lost that she has taken a break from the adoption world. No Facebook, No Blogger, No Yahoo Group. NOTHING. She is lost and she needs your help. $5 is all that we ask for. $5,000 by Friday. Can we do it? Yes we can! (I think that is from Wonder Pets. lol) Please help them....

Bring home Her....

So, as you can see, Renee is a very special part of RR, and there are very few fundraisers that don't have her name in them. Please consider being part of her surprise when she gets back online! I'm not sure how much more they still need, but I know that if they raise anything extra, it will go right back out to RR families in need!!! PLEASE HELP THE TAM'S!!!

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