Friday, May 6, 2011

Faithful Friday - The Silva Family

Noah is now HOME and thriving!!!

I've been a little quiet here the past day or two... All the action is happening over on my other blog - Handiwork for Noah, but more about that in this post. :)

I am going to start posting Faithful Friday posts about families that have stepped out in faith to adopt and are believing that God will be faithful! I figured since I have Waiting Wednesday about kids who are waiting, why not have a weekly post about the families.

So this week meet the Silva family!

They are working hard to bring home sweet Noah!

From their FSP (Family Sponsorship Program) page -
Mike and Grace met in a small Wyoming town.  After only a year of dating they were married and immediately started a family. 
Mike spent five years in the Army and then four years in Iraq as a private contractor for the Army.  He knew he would rather be with his family than have money so he quit his job in search of another.  In 2005 Crista Ministries hired him in their IT department.
The Silva family continued to be blessed and added more children to their family, seven in all.  One day, late in 2009, Grace stumbled upon the website for Reece's Rainbow.  She felt compelled to pray for the children whose pictures she saw there.  As she prayed the Lord began working on her heart, one of these children would belong in her family!  As the Silvas work towards bringing Noah home they continue to watch the Lord work in their home.  The children grow each day learning about the way God wants us to have compassion for all people.  They are waiting eagerly to see how the Lord will provide to bring this very special little boy into their loving home!   
Follow the Silva family's adoption journey on their blog at

Their dossier was submitted to the government of the country they are adopting form yesterday! YAY! Now, it will be about 4-8 weeks until they travel! :)

For those of you who are not familiar with my other blog - Handiwork for Noah - I have been selling my crocheted items on that blog for quite awhile, ever since we started fundraising to bring my little brother Elijah home - back in September of 2010. After we were fully funded for his adoption, I raised money for several more children including Carrington (Anastasiya at the time), and Eddie. Then I changed my blog to Handiwork for Noah, to help the Silva's bring him home.

If you go over to my blog you will see that I am in the final days of raising money for Noah, and will no longer be accepting orders for Noah's family. So please, if you find time tonight of tomorrow, go over to that blog, and consider helping to bring Noah home! They still need over $7500 before they travel.

Thank you!

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