Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Waiting Wednesday: Eddie!

Update: Eddie, soon to be Gideon, has a family now! Praise God! Please visit their blog here -

I am going to start doing "Waiting Wednesday" posts. And I am going to start with sweet Eddie.

Meet Eddie:

His info from RR (Reece's Rainbow)-

Boy, Born August 23, 2006
Eddie was born with Cerebral Palsy. He also shows many facial features of a child with fetal alcohol syndrome.  Eddie has an open oval window and an extra ventricular chord in his heart.  He is said to have a moderate mental delay.
$16114.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption.

Our family has a special connection to Eddie. Remember how I mentioned in my first post that my little brother Elijah recently came home from a poor orphanage in Eastern Europe? Well, in an orphanage, there are "grouppas" or groups. Elijah's group (at the time my parents were there) there were 7 kids, one of them was Shea (who has a family coming for him!), and another one was Eddie! My mom's didn't realize until the end that it was him, so unfortuanately she didn't get many pictures of him, but fortunately she did get some! :) The top two pictures above are of Eddie are pictures my mom got of him, and the 3rd one is his previous one that was on RR.

Eddie was treated horribly. My mom said that when she stayed to watch Elijah eat his lunch, Eddie did one thing to upset the nanny feeding him, and she carried him off by one arm to his crib, with out the rest of his lunch. My mom also said that when all the other boys were out playing in the playroom, most of the time Eddie was stuck in his crib. All he wanted was a little love and attention, and that's why he was smiling when my mom went over to take pictures of him. My mom also saw Eddie take a few steps too!

Since my mom has been there, Eddie has been transferred to an institution. Please read this very moving post about being transferred written by my friend Briana (the sweet girl she had at the end has since found a family! :))! Fortunately for Eddie, he can still be adopted even though he is transferred. But, he is at a very high risk of perishing if he is not adopted soon! Please someone consider rescuing this sweet child! He has over $16,000 in his grant! Which means it would be $7,000 or less for you to adopt him! I am also Eddie's Easter Warrior, (see button on sidebar).

I'll leave you tonight with some videos of sweet Eddie! At the time my mom didn't realize he was "Eddie", so she didn't take them of him, but he is in them.

It is easy to see Eddie in this video. He is to the far right, behind the nanny's arms and has a white sheet wrapped around his head. Why??? Because my mom saw about a week before this, he had scratched the back of his ears raw and bleeding. Sadly, this is something extremely understimulated and severely neglected children do to have some sort of stimulation.  All of the boys loved the bubbles!

This video is from the little "party" my mom had for the boys in the grouppa. Eddie was allowed to play only for a little bit, and then he was removed from the room and put in his crib. :-(

Someone please rescue Eddie!


  1. I hope Eddie gets a family soon! Such a nice boy! Edwin is also in (54), I hope he can be adopted too.

  2. oh he looks so much like Vanya from the boy from baby house 10. please someone go get him,take him away from that life.

  3. Thanks for being Eddie's warrior! I hope someone comes for him soon. Someone who will love him and treat him as the precious child of God that he is!


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