Friday, April 22, 2011

Waiting Wednesday: Andrey S.

Two days late.. Sorry! Better late than never! This week's Waiting Wednesday post is about sweet Andrey!

Andrey S. (14)
Boy, Born December 28, 2006
Andrey is a tiny little monkey!   HE REALLY NEEDS A FAMILY.   He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He has also has strabismus, which can be corrected surgically here in the US. Andrey will greatly benefit from early intervention therapy, and will just blossom the way all of our other children have! This little one has an ASD and a PDA, with some impairment of circulation. He will need heart surgery when he gets home.
From a missionary who visited with him in November 2010:  " Andrey seems to have regressed since the last photo that was taken of him. He has very low muscle tone and, while he is able to sit up on his own, his not able to stand, even with help. He was playing with toys and I got lots of smiles and laughter out of him when I tickled him. He definitely has some significant delays but I believe he could truly blossom with the love and therapy a family would provide. Oh how I pray he gets the chance…"
From one of our adoptive families who visited with him in May 2009: " He is such a little cutie! I am not sure if he is sitting on his own because he was propped against this fence outside and I didn't get a chance to snuggle him. But he is good size, a bit small for a 2 year old, but with therapy and stimulation, it would only be a matter of time before he thrives!! "
From his caregivers in April 2010:  Selectively comes into contact with adults. Has commitment to the toys: rattles, musical toys.  Self-sitting. Not walking yet.   Eat with spoon, drinking from a cup with an adult. 
$4555.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Nevermind the pink lace in his picture, this sweet little one is a boy! He desperately needs a family, and is losing all of his skills. There are lots of photos available, and he already has $4555 in his adoption grant! My friend Rachel posted him last week, please read that here. And please watch this video about him!

Is he your son?

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