Saturday, April 16, 2011

Matthew's Jars

I would like you to meet Matthew! He is still waiting for a family of his own.

His baby picture
From RR:
Matthew I.
Date of Birth: December 2008
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: brown
Nature: Quiet

Don't tell me he isn't cute! Now here is the deal, there is a family, the Plummer's who are bringing home a sweet girl named Barbara. They are fully funded for their adoption of her, but, Matthew is in the same orphanage, and if they can raise $12,000 more, they can bring him home too! That may seem like a BIG amount but we serve a BIGGER God! And they are already $1238 of the way there (that money is already in Matthew's grant)! One of the ways they are trying to earn money is with this fundraiser!

I'll let the post from Barbara's soon-to-be mama on Two Lives One Journey explain the rest:

There is a connection between the four jars, pearls, Matthew and give aways. I am asking that each and everyone of you find and empty jar and titling it "Matthew's Jar" decorate it any way you please and for the next 6 weeks collect all the change you can scrap up from pennies to quarters. At the end of the six weeks I am asking that what ever change you have gathered that you  would donate it to Matthew's grant. Email me a photo of your family's jar for Matthew so I can post it to this blog. You will then be entered into the Pearl necklace Give Away and other goodies.  On May 23 I will draw for two people to win one of the pearl necklaces (Photo below) and other stuff. These are real authentic pearls. They were given to me by a friend to do what I pleased with in hopes to raise money for our adoption. I am donating them for this give away to help Matthew get home to whom ever it may be.
This is going to be fun. Get your family involved. Have your kids ask friends and relatives for any spare change. We can all give change to make a change in this sweet boys life.
IF you would like to make a monetary donation before the six weeks is up please click on his photo on the right hand side of this blog. (Note from Sarah: I have one on this blog too.)
The giveaway items:


"18 Six strands of ribbon

This set of bracelet,s hand made by
me, will also be giving away. I sell them
for $26/set

I will also give this set of bracelets away, hand
Made by Me
sold for $26/set
Please consider participating in this fun fundraiser and giveaway!!! And remember, any donation to Matthew's account will stay with him, and be given to his future family if the Plummers can't bring him home.

Our Jar - there is already almost $20 in it!

The Plummer's Jar
My BFF Rachel is Matthew's Easter Warrior, and she is the one who made me fall in love with him. :) We are scheming up more fundraisers, so I'll let you know what we come up with. But I would encourage you to go check out her blog - Proverbs 24:12, and follow it! :)

Rachel's Jar

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