Friday, April 29, 2011

Since it's "official" now..

..I can annouce that WE ARE GOING BACK! And by going back I mean going back to EE (Eastern Europe) to adopt another sweet baby boy! :) Meet Jonathan:

I am reposting the rest of this from my mom's adoption/ family blog - My God is Lord.

He is listed as "Turner" on Reece's Rainbow and here is his profile:

Boy, Born July 2010

Sweet Muffin! Turner is in URGENT NEED of heart surgery. He needs a family quickly. After we lost Marlena on the operating table, the facilitation team and Turner's caregivers feel he will most benefit from having surgery at home with his family in the US where he can recover properly. Despite his heart condition, he is growing well and a chunky monkey!
PLEASE SOMEONE RESCUE TURNER. Turner is in a region which has a history of waiving the 10 day wait for urgent medical needs. Although this can never be guaranteed, our facilitation team will do all they can to ensure the judge is well aware of the risks of wasted time for this child.

More photos available. Married couples only.
From his medical records: patent ductus arteriosus, patent foramen ovale, needs surgery URGENT!
$189.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

We will be changing his name to Jonathan for 2 reasons: I already have a nephew named Turner and there is only room for one Turner in our family. LOL (But Jonathan's birthday is only 3 days after Turner's, so that is fun.) And also, I don't think Turner is in the Bible, and we have to keep with tradition here. :-) Jonathan has been on our "boy" list of names for awhile and means "gift from the Lord".  We thought that was appropriate.

As you can see from his profile above, he is in urgent need of heart surgery, so we are preparing ourselves as best we can for that potential. I say "potential" for a few reasons. First, IF his profile is correct (taking it with a grain of salt), according to the nurse that works for the pediatric cardiologist that Elijah saw, the PDA and the PFO are really not that big of deal and most likely the holes will close on their own. Secondly, I believe in the power of prayer and the healing power of the Great Physician!  So, even if his heart is in need of surgery right now, I have no doubt the Lord could heal him right now if He chooses to do so. I would humbly ask you to pray for his healing too.

Sorry, this is already getting long, but there is more to share. I want to tell you about how the Lord has been so faithful to us over the past month. It was a month ago yesterday that we held Noah James for the first and last time. It was a horrific day both physically and emotionally, but God has been faithful to carry us through. But about a week before we found out Noah had gone to be with Jesus, the Lord laid "Turner" on my heart - very heavily. Just like He did with Elijah at the beginning. I couldn't stop thinking about him. Pat and I prayed and prayed about bringing him home (yes, even though we would be having a baby the end of August). Crazy, huh??? Yes, crazy in the world's eyes (mine too!), but not God's. We didn't have clarity or unity on what God wanted us to do before we lost Noah.  But after we did, it became very clear to us. We obviously know that Jonathan is not going to replace Noah by any means, but we also don't want Noah's passing to be for nothing either.  It is really hard to explain, I'm not sure I even understand it all. But God is God and we are just trying to walk in obedience to what He would have us do in our lives.

We hope to have him home before his first birthday in July!  How is that possible? Glad you asked. :-) As we explained in on our FSP page on RR, we were originally approved last fall for 2 children on our I-171H (aka "The Golden Ticket") through USCIS, so we don't have to go through that process again. We are praying to have our dossier submitted in EE on May 12th!!! I'll save the details of our dossier prep for another blog post, but the Lord has blessed the process and it has gone very quickly! (If I have totally confused you with these abbreviations and terms, please see the "Adoption Terms Glossary" tab at the top right of the blog, right under the new family photo.)

Oh, and by the way, if Jonathan looks familiar to some of you, I advocated for him here and here. :-)  The first time was when he was heavy on my heart. The second time was after our dossier was almost complete. LOL There are personal reasons why we decided to wait to make this big announcement, so I hope you'll forgive us for that. But in that second post about "This is War",...ya, we've been feeling that attack in more than one way, so I would appreciate your prayers for our family.

Thanks so much if you actually read this far! And don't worry, we'll still have plenty of updates and photos of Elijah here! :-) May the Lord bless you today!

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