Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Waiting Wednesday: Mark

Today, meet Mark!

Boy, Born August 2006
609-02 This gentle boy has smooth, baby soft skin. He has dark skin and dark hair, potentially from an African/black parent. He is just darling, with a round chubby face. He was born on 8/2006. He enjoys playing with toys and with other children. His legs are rather weak so he scoots around quickly to reach his destination. He smiles brightly when he is spoken to. He waits for his loving family because he has Down syndrome. His family will be so lucky to be able to help this angel reach his fullest potential!

  • Parents must be 25-55 years of age
  • Single women up to 55 
  • Couples must be married a min of 3 years 
  • Parents must be healthy, both physically and mentally 
  • Totally clean criminal background 
  • No more than 4 children at home 
  • Both parents travel for 10 days 
  • One can return home, the other must stay an additional 3 weeks 
  • Total cost about $25k 
$1170.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!
Help me reach my 5/5/5 goal:
$178 / $5000.00 raised

Mark has always been one that caught my attention. His sad little face is hard for anyone to turn away from. But he doesn't have a family yet!

Fact: He is 5 and has been waiting, alone way to long.
Fact: He is one of the only ones listed in Latin America, and once he is adopted, others will most likely be listed on RR, and have a chance to be adopted.
Fact: He needs a family NOW!
Fact: YOU can help make that happen! PLEASE consider donating to his grant, or even better - go call the home study agency!
Opinion: I think you would make a great mama or papa!

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