Friday, June 10, 2011

Waiting Wednesday: Dmitriy

Meet my sweet Dmitriy!

Dmitriy (1)
Boy, Born December 26, 2005
Little Dmitriy may not be able to see you, but he can hear you and feel you and wait for you to come for him.  He is 5 years old and was born with only one eye and the other is blind.
Dmitriy has been listed with us for nearly THREE YEARS :(((    
From his medical records:  multiple congenital abnormalities of the central nervous system and facial bones, congenital cleft hard and soft palate, microcephaly, congenital cataract (leucoma) to the right, anophthalmos to the left.   He is blind.
One of our adoptive families who visited with him in March of 2008 says this of him:  "  This little guy is very much still a baby, but has very little chance of being adopted because he has no eyes.  He was responsive to the caregivers and liked the security of their arms."
This new photo is from October of 2009, when Dmitriy was visited by our facilitation team.   He is doing amazingly well, considering the fact that he can not see anything at all.  He is able to stand on his own now and is very active!     There are many families out there hoping to adopt a blind child, maybe Dmitriy will find his "forever family" at the end of Reece's Rainbow!
$2222.59 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Isn't he sweet? Dmitriy was at an orphanage, in fact the one my parents are at right now ((4) on RR), but he has been transferred to an institution, the same one as Natalia, and all the kids listed here. Did you know that out of the hundred of kids adopted from RR, less than 5 (3, I think) are blind? He desperately needs a family, NOW! I have fallen in love with this boy, and I'll tell you a secret - he will be the next for my Handiwork for _______ blog! But I hate to put him on there, when you can email Andrea and commit to him right now! Rally with me and see if we can't get him on the My Family Found Me page before it's time to change my blog! But most of all, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!!! Prayer are what is needed most for him! And also pray for any families looking into adopting him, and that the right family would step forward. Thank you in advance! You guys rock! :)


    I sponsor Dmitriy and have been scouring the internet in search of pics for him!!!! Thank you so much!!!! If you have more, please email me,
    MY blog I sponsor him (and two other kids, one also at Torez) is SavingSullivan.Blogspot.Com

  2. I know this might be quite late to post but only god knows how much I would love to adopt this little boy. But my financial circumstances prohibit me from doing so, surely by now someone has come forward and adopted this little man. He will be in my prayers often for as ever long as I shall live.


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