Monday, June 13, 2011

'Mazing Monday - Max and Ivanna Browning

MATTHEW & IVANNA for the Browning family–Port Orchard, WA



Follow the adoption journey of the Browning family on their blog at

I was trying to decide who to do for my 'Mazing Monday post about this week, and Max and Ivanna  Bowning really stuck out to me as kids who have made a lot of progress. Ivanna is such a little sweetie, and I only know her through her mama'a blog (above).

In the pictures above, Max is on the purple and blue, and Ivanna is in the red, white, and black. Some other pictures from when they were there:

And pictures from now - 

They both have made amazing progress, and both have grown 3 inches from when they came home (November 2010)!! They  are getting there on the weight chart but both have a ways to go.. :) Please go check out their adoption blog, or head over to their family blog! :)

And, don't miss some total cuteness going on over at my mom's blog! I can NOT wait to snuggle that boy! :)

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