Monday, September 26, 2011

'Mazing Monday - Bogdan Winkles

WADE & YURI for the Winkles family–Live Oak, TX


Follow the adoption journey of the Winkles family on their blog

Today, I want you to meet Mr. Bogdan - Wade on RR!
Before - 

Visiting with mommy and daddy -


In the words of Bogdan's mommy -  
"How anyone can say that adoption isn't REDEMPTION!! or that adoption isn't RESCUING!! That adoption isn't SAVING!! It is all of these things and it is LIFE CHANGING for everyone involved. It is awesome and humbling to see the changes in my boys. WE really do serve an amazing God!!!"

What a perfect way to sum up what 'Mazing Monday is all about!

Don't forget about this Princess!


  1. Great Post Sarah!!!!! Love it!!!!

  2. Hi, I really like your blog. It's very supportive of these little children who needs families. I was wondering if you know if there is a blog for Marissa's new parents. My heart has been lost to her and I also wanted to adopt her but was too late. Please, post anything you might know about her. Thanks. Rosie.

  3. sarah i a just so thrilled you have linked up to the 'sharing sunday' linkup. Your heart is wondrous, you are one of my inspirations! xxx

  4. @r1 heaven...Follow the Gillette family's adoption journey on their blog for Marissa here

    You can find all the blogs of families adopting on the 'sponsor a family' menu...Marissa is in new commitments

    and do come over to Forget-Me-Not Fridays at the flight platform to support other waiting children xxxx


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