Sunday, April 20, 2014

The HOPE of Easter.

Today is Easter Sunday.
The few years, I've not really felt "the holiday spirit" for any holiday. I was happy to see other people enjoy it, but didn't really feel joyous myself. (To be fair, I haven't really celebrated Christmas like "normal" since 2011!)

Today was different. Because for the first time in a long time, I felt hope.

The HOPE of Easter.

The cloud of [health induced] depression I was in lifted. I was no longer stressed by orders, school, my health, the future.

Jesus reminded me what He did for me on the cross all those years ago.

He gave His life, not only to carry all the evil of the world on his shoulders, but for ME.

So I can be FREE! He gave His very life so that I can have life and have it to the full!

How do you repay someone who was killed in your place? You can't. So how do you even start to say thank you?

Surely not by living a life filled with depression, and hurt, and loneliness, and pain.

Instead I will live a life filled with love, happiness, joy, and HOPE!

The HOPE of Easter.

The HOPE of the new lives He has given us. The HOPE of knowing this life is not the end, because we, given we know Him, will live FOREVER with HIM!

My life has not changed because I feel hope today. I still am struggling with the same health problems. But, the difference is, I am not weighed down by my problems, but rather lifted up, and joyous, because I know the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords. And He loves me enough that He died for me.

Do you have the HOPE of Easter today? Do you know the One who gives that HOPE?

I pray you do, and if not, that you would get to know the Hope-giver, and invite Him to be a part of your life. blessed Easter today celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord with your families!

With love, from my family to yours, HAPPY EASTER!

"Его здесь нет. Он воскрес, как сказал." (От Матфея 28:6)

"He is not here. He is RISEN, just as He said." (Matthew 28:6)

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