Wednesday, December 18, 2013

That thing called Lyme.. and this trip.

So the number one thing people said to me before I left, after everyone found out I was coming, was: "So you're feeling better?"

And my answer was a resound YES, but I want to expand more on that.

So very sick:
The last time I really did a big update on how I was doing with my chronic Lyme disease was months ago on this blog when I first shared my Lyme story. Since then, it's just been a few random facebook updates and when people reached out to ask me.

I have gotten very sick, and have had several really good weeks. Like a roller coaster, always up and down. I have been through many natural treatments, have had MANY chiropractic appts,many other appts, and have completely changed my diet.

I dealt with symptoms ranging from brain fog, tics, twitching, dizziness, vision problems, never ending headaches, to extreme joint pain, extreme fatigue, chest pain, heart palpitations, nauseousness, abdominal pain, and a slew of other stuff.

I ended up with a bad UTI, several colds, and some other things that made me go down hill fast. My immune system is already shot, so I usually catch everything anyone else has which makes the symptoms I already have flare. And full moons are very bad too.

Starting to feel better: 
During this entire adoption process, we had talked about me going with mom for the second trip if my health improved. But as the time came closer and closer to traveling, I wasn't getting better. We got our travel date and mom said I wasn't going to come with for the second trip unless there was a miracle with my heath. And I fully agreed with her. I knew I wasn't doing well.

A week or so before they left I started a new treatment at a new doctor. And a day or two before they left I started to feel better. I had several very good days in a row which I was super happy about, but the good days didn't stop. I had a couple set backs, like a panic attack the night they left, which was likely from the stress, but otherwise was doing good.

The difference was night and day. Previously I would have been able to be on my feet and up and about for a couple hours on a good day. And then I would be exhausted for several days trying to recoup. In the days before my parents left and even after I had like 4 days in a row I was on my feet doing stuff all day long. Lots of time in the kitchen, lots of helping to get things ready for them to leave, etc. It was amazing.

I continued to do good with my energy levels. And other things improved, like neurological symptoms and nauseousness.

We decided I was well enough to go.

I am still praising God for starting to heal me, and continuing to do so! Yes, I think part of it was the new treatment, but most of it can be attributed to God and the prayers of His people on my behalf. I am so thankful!!!

Dealing with it here:
Despite being awake 52+ hours with 4 hours of plane "sleep" before I feel asleep my first night here, I didn't get sick, and just bounced back. Amazing. All the walking hasn't bothered me at all, nor have I gotten sick from the full moon.

About the food. When I mentioned above that I changed my diet, that means I went off all grains, all processed sugar, most processed foods, and a lot of dairy. I also have food sensitivities to a lot of foods including tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, peanuts, most other nuts except almond flour, oranges, celery, apples, and carrots. (I'm only allergic per the allergist to ragweed and grass, but I still have sensitivities.)

So that takes out a lot of what there is to eat! I have been eating near Paleo diet, but with more eliminated. It's hard, but worth it for the difference it makes in how I feel. I've been trying to eat the same here, but have cheated a few times. It's easier when there is nothing in the apartment that I can't have (except Milka!), as mom is eating the same way with me. At Celentanos I always get Borsch and a chicken cheese veggie thing. lol

The other big thing that was a huge factor in if I was well enough to go was my sensitivity to smells, particularity cigarette smoke. A couple months ago I walked into the gas station, and there was someone standing outside the door smoking. I started coughing and gagging, which ended in respiratory problems, and took several minutes to recover from. And in Ukraine, everyone smokes everywhere. But like with everything else, that has gotten better too. I am still super sensitive to it, and the first to smell any trace of it, but it doesn't bother me or make me cough unless it's right in my face.

So I'm doing really well health wise! :) Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me!!!

Our MAF (most awesome facilitator) says that I got these nasty bugs in Ukraine last time, so I need to leave them here when I go home. I'm all for that! :)

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  1. That is wonderful Sarah! Praise God! When you get a chance can you share with us the new treatments you started? You could email Haylee.
    Traci Adamson (Haylee 's mom, mom of Annabelle who has lyme too)


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