Sunday, December 22, 2013

Visiting with my sister.

These past few days we have been in Grace's city (and surrounding cities), with the main part of our day being our visit with Grace.
We visit for a couple hours each morning the "soft room", a therapy type room missionaries have set up and use to visit the kids. There are a couple German volunteers in who also visit and love on kids in there, but the time we've spent with the other kids is for a different post.
Grace is: cute, hilarious, sassy, smart, adorable, clever, lovable, and sweet.
I've so enjoyed the time I've been able to spent with her (that ^ is my new favorite picture by the way!), and can't wait to bust her out of that stinky orphanage forever in a few hours!
After we bust her free today, we will be driving up to Kyiv tonight, and tomorrow we will do her medical and work on getting her visa. Lord willing, we will get her visa Tuesday, and fly home Wednesday, arriving home ON CHRISTMAS DAY!

On Tuesday we took Grace to get her passport picture taken. My mom blogged about how it went HERE.
But just for my blog readers, because you're special, here is a video!

Gotta go finish packing and getting ready for the big day! Stay tuned for pictures and videos!

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  1. That GIGGLE! Love it. She's so entertained/amused by the world outside those gates!


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