Saturday, January 25, 2014

One Month.

Today marks one month home for our Ukrainian Princess!

Grace is doing well. We are over the "honeymoon" phase if there was one, there are many things we are still working on (you can't erase 8.5 years in an institution with a couple weeks of love), but over all she is doing pretty well.

She eats well, she sleeps well, and for the most part gets along with her siblings, esp Rachel. She is slowly gaining weight and her hair is slowly growing, but both will take some time yet.

Tonight she let me paint her fingers. She is fine with them being clipped (unlike her brothers!), and I knew she would want them painted if she watched Rachel's being painted. Sure enough, after Rachel's first finger, she had her hand in there wanting hers done too.

(Side note about her tongue here: Grace has very good oral motor control.. her tongue doesn't hang out unless she is stimming or very focused, in this picture, she's focused!)

She wasn't sure about holding her hands still but decided it was okay. (If she decided not too... there was no way we could keep them open!)
 And now our girly girl is rocking PINK nails for the first time in her life!!
Happy 1 Month Home Miss Grace! We love you and can't wait for many more months and years with you!


  1. Happy one month home Princess! You look amazing!!

  2. A belated happy one month home! She is SO beautiful! I can't get enough of those eyes - stunning! Can't wait to see her with longer hair :)


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