Monday, March 24, 2014


Some things are too good for words. So I don't have many. The 4 most important are....
My sweet love. She has waited over 15 years. 15 years of being rejected, and today, she is CHOSEN.
The sweatshirt I was wearing when I met her 3 months ago says "Chosen Adopted Loved". Today she is chosen, soon she will be adopted, and even though she is already loved from afar, soon SHE will KNOW she is LOVED.
I met her just over 3 months ago, and it's been 3 months since I said goodbye to her. 3 months since I whispered in her and promised her I would make sure her mama found her.
Her mama found her, her mama loves her, and her mama is going to bring her HOME!
Praising God here today through my happy tears. In awe of how GOOD he is.

I kept my promise to Greta, and He also keeps his promises. God places the lonely in families; He sets the prisoners free and gives them joy!


  1. Praise God for Greta's new family! I will be praying for a safe and speedy homecoming! I am so excited!!!!!

  2. So thrilled for Greta. She will have a loving family forever. She has a faithful prayer warrior in you. When will she be joining her new family? Is she joining your fam?

    1. No, not our family! I should be able to introduce her family in the next week or so, but they are still in the earlier stages of the process and do have the ability to move pretty fast. I'm guessing sometime this summer they will be able to meet her! :)

  3. Praise the Lord! Hurrah! Please put them in touch with us, if they want that.


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