Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Her 9th Birthday and 1st Celebrated

Today, my beautiful little sister turned 9.

Her first birthday with a family!

She waited over 8 long years, and now she is loved, and cherished, and knows what it means to be in a family.

And we are so grateful and blessed she is our ours!
Happy Birthday Grace!


We celebrated her birthday on Sunday with family and friends who love her.

She quite enjoyed licking the beater with frosting on it!

We decided to write her name in Ukrainian and Olena looks prettier than Grace. :)

9 cupcakes and candles! A 9 for this year, and one for each of the 8 birthdays she's missed!

We haven't had any birthdays since she came home, so she didn't get to see anyone else practice. But she still did pretty well and got at least one out! She was blowing, but very gently. :)

So Elijah helped her!

Of course she loved the cupcake!

Opening presents! Clothes are fun when you've never gotten any for your birthday before!

Signing "monkey" while reading her new Five Little Monkeys book!

A doll she can brush the hair on!

And another dolly she can brush the hair!

If you didn't get the memo, she loves to brush hair and can be found most days with a hair brush in her hand!

A beautiful handmade quilt for a beautiful girl!

Happy Birthday Princess Grace! We are so glad you get to celebrate with us!


  1. Happy Birthday Princess, we are so so happy you are home and loved for your 9th birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday to beautiful precious Grace. Yay Praise God for a family for her 9th birthday Just wondering is her Ukraine name pronounced Olayna or Oleena? Praying for Grace and your family God bless you all


    1. Her Ukrainian name is pronounced "Oh-lay-na", but the area of Ukraine she is from is primarily Russian speaking, so she was called Alyona, or "A-loan-a" in the orphanage, which is the Russian version of Olena. :)

  3. Happy birthday, sweet girl! She looks bigger and happier already.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely pictures of your precious family. My heart is so happy for you all. So much grace and love shown. My heart rejoices.

  5. Happy Birthday beautiful girl! Before you know it you will have long hair of your own to brush to your heart's content, just like the true princess you are :)


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