Thursday, August 15, 2013

A year later.

One year ago, the lives of a family changed forever.
It's been a year since Selah's accident.

One year since I wrote this post.
A year ago today, the Clanton family was visiting NY and Jon took Sam and Selah on a walk.

A few minutes later, they were all fighting for their lives. A couple hours later, Jon and Sam were doing okay, but Selah was still fighting for her life and not expected to live.

She did live, and slowly recovered.

One year later, she is home, and still recovering but progress is slow.
Just a few seconds was all it took. And it's been the hardest year of their lives.

Life is fragile, and things can change in an instant.
It's been one year, and her family is hurting. Jon, Yvonne, Steve, Shad, Sam, and Sarah. Please pray for them.

Please pray for sweet Selah, that she would start responding more and more, and heal.

Read today's post from Yvonne here, last year from her perspective. And get your tissues ready.

And read updates on Selah on Yvonne's blog: My Real Life By Yvonne.

I made this video about them two months after the accident, so it's not very current, but still worth watching.

Please keep Clanton's and Selah in your prayers!

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