Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Waiting Wednesday: Sutter

Thank you to all who entered and shared my birthday giveaway for Sutter! Two friends on facebook ended up winning. His grant also jumped a couple hundred dollars! :)

He doesn't have a family yet.

And I found out on Monday that his birthday isn't in the summer like mine, it's in FEBRUARY 2014. 

Which means he doesn't have a year until he ages out, he has SIX MONTHS!

When I posted on my birthday, I only knew the year he was born, and hoped it would be later in the year, but no.

Then he will turn 16, age out and be sent to one of the worst adult mental institutions in his country. I visited that institution when I was in his country on a mission trip.

I also visited the orphanage he is currently at, and I'm pretty sure I met him, even though I didn't get any pictures.

But the institution he'll go to.

I was literally sick to my stomach at some of the things I saw there.

Sutter can not walk, so he will be confined to one of the bedridden rooms, the worst place in the institution. He will be confined to a bed the rest of his life, lying in his own waste and not ever going outside.

 I'm begging you, please.


If you can't go get him, SHARE SHARE SHARE his picture and his story. And donate to his grant if you can.

But most important PRAY. PLEASE PRAY for a family to step up and get him before it's too late. (A family must be filed to USCIS before his birthday.)

Thank you.
Some more about him from someone who has met him:
 - Sutter is easygoing and organized.
- Sutter is a really smart boy. He likes to make puzzles and he can solve them really fast. His favorite game was copying a picture and rebuild it with little colored pins on a board with holes. If you try to fool him, he will say ‘no’ and start to laugh contagious. I’m sure that he would be able to participate in some kind of education.

- He had several operations as a child, which improved his locomotion, but after his growth spurt he lost some of his mobility again. He tries to walk with crutches and he gets PT for it. With the right medical care I’m pretty sure he would be able to walk.

- Some days he is really kind for the other children in his group and then he acts really helpful. Other moments he tries to get all the attention. He would do very well in a family, where he gets the attention he deserves.

Visit his page here: Sutter

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  1. Will be praying he will be adopted by a loving forever home.


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