Monday, September 9, 2013

Matthew 18:14

Matthew 18:14 used to be the name of this blog. I have since changed it to What it Means to Love, but the address remains 'matthew18vs14'.

"It is not the will of our Father in Heaven that any of these little ones should perish."

I love that verse, and it fits so well with this blog, because that is the underlying theme. Whether it's sharing about children who need families, praying for those stuck in countries no longer open, helping families with fundraising and such to bring their children home, helping families bring their children home by taking care of their other children, or loving on children already home... it's not God's will that ANY of them should perish.

Not Angela.

Not Owen.

Not Mark.

Not Ekaterina.

Not Jacob.

Not Aisha.

Not Lilly.

Not Sutter.

Not Allen.

Not Maria.

Not Hope.

Not Angelia.

He is not willing that ANY should perish. 

Let's be His hands and feet, and do everything in our power to keep them from perishing.

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