Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Waiting Wednesday: Giselle

While staring here at an empty post wondering what to say to get her noticed, not just another of the 147 million, I decided to look up her name meaning.

I figured it might be something like rescued, free, redeemed, loved, or something else that I could use to say she should be.
Instead I was a bit shocked by the first word that came up. Hostage.

That name that was given to her to be listed to find a family means hostage.

And it fits so perfectly, because she is a hostage. Being held against her will in a place she should never have been in the first place.

Getting sicker and sicker everyday, just waiting for someone to come and set her free.

She's being held as hostage in the enemy's camp, the institution. And she needs two brave and loving warriors to fight their way to get to her to rescue her and set her free.
She can't keep living like she is. In the enemy camp.

No one is meant to live as a hostage, especially not a little girl.

Where are the warriors willing to rescue her??

Read more about her here: Giselle

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  1. very sad. And you know...the numbers on her shirt means she was in Theo's old grouppa. You know that is NOT a good thing. She needs out yesterday! Praying her warriors find her.


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