Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Waiting Wednesday: Sarai

Tonight, meet Sarai.

This sweet girl had a family working very hard to get her. They were in country, and then they found out she needed a family with no younger children, which they had.

With very heavy hearts, they had to let her go, and pray another family would love her just as much as they did.

So she is waiting again.

She turned (or is turning) 10 this year. Double digits!

She is HIV+, which can easily be controlled with medication.

She had a positive skin test for TB.

She has Fetal Alcohol syndrome. Which is a pretty scary diagnosis, but not one what that can't be dealt with if you have love and patience. I came across an blog post about FAS the other which I thought explained it very well. You should go read it HERE.

And she has less than $10 in her grant.

That's all I have to tell you apart from the obvious- she is so very cute, beautiful, and needs a family.

So, your mission - share, donate, and find her a family! Ready, set, go!

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