Monday, June 25, 2012

forever a family.

I got mail the other day... and I was soo excited when I saw what it was!!!!

Katie Ruth has been home for just over a month and she is absolutely blossoming with her family. She acts if she has always been there. You can read about her amazing progress on her mama's blog here - The Simpson Six. Katie Ruth was the first of "my" babies in Region 15 to find a family and come home... and I pray many more will follow her home to their families!!

But today is also a very special day for Katie Ruth, it's her birthday!! Today she turns 5 years old! And I can imagine she is going to have quite the birthday party, since she missed the first 4 birthdays of her life! :) Today is her first birthday WITH a family, and she will NEVER have to sit alone in the orphanage another birthday WITHOUT a family! The Simpson's are FOREVER a FAMILY, and Katie Ruth is a part of it.
See that million dollar smile in the picture above?? That's how excited she gets about everything! She love life, and is living it to the fullest. And that is why I continue to blog about child after child, until they are home. So that more children will be able to experience life, and be able to love life like Katie does. And not only love life, but get loved by so many around them. And blossom from that love.

Welcome Home and Happy Birthday Katie Ruth!!! I love you girlie!


Today is also a special day for our family. Because one year ago today, became an older sister to a little boy named Jonathan. One year ago today my parents were in Ukraine, and they had court, and they passed, and Jonathan became a member of our family!! And we, like Simpson's are FOREVER a FAMILY!
Dad, Mom, and Jonathan shortly before court during a visit at the orphanage. This is NOT the same Jonathan in the picture that is my little brother now. He is soo different, in a good way, and he has come soo far! Someone must have switched him out for a different child sometime in the past year! ;)
This past year with Jonathan has been absolutely amazing, he has come soo far, and I am so glad he is my little brother and I got to witness (and still am) his amazing transformation, and the strides and jumps he has taken.

I love you Jonathan, and I can't wait to see what the next year with you in our family will bring! You'll always be my little big baby though! :) We are FOREVER a FAMILY.

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