Thursday, June 28, 2012

Neal, Kristopher, Silas, and Jessa!!!!!!

During my break from blogging, several kiddos I've advocated for have found families!
Like precious Neal! You can read about his family here, and visit their blog here.

And Kristopher, who only had 6 days to find a family! He did find a family in that six days, but we didn't find out until later. And... I don't know who they are yet, so I can't tell you! :)

Mr Silas!!! PRAISE GOD!

You can read about his family here, and visit their blog here!
And my little Jessa Blessa! :) Another one of "my babies" in 15H!
 SOO excited for her and her family!! Not many people can resist that cute little face with the button nose, and the big grin!

Please take a moment to bless Neal and Silas's family by going over to their blog and leaving them a note of encouragement! The beginning of the adoption process can be scary and nerve-racking with the thought of all that lays ahead (esp the paperwork!) and all the unknown!

I'm soo happy these deserving babies found families to love them and cherish them, and I pray many many more will find families soon! Because each and every orphan is soo deserving of a family!

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  1. Hi! We are Jessa's family!! Visit our blog at !!


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