Friday, June 22, 2012

Little Lilly Lovie.

Our little Lilly lovie.
Picture taken November 2010
 Almost 5 1/2 and still waiting for a family. She has been available for years, and she always gets passed by. 

Praying that soon her parents will take notice of her among all the other faces, and she will be blessed with a family.
Picture taken November/December 2009
But for now, we are the blessed ones.

Because we have been blessed with a new (to us) picture of her. It's older than her other two, from Dec 2008.

But still. To have one more glimpse of her is so special.

It was filed wrong and not with her other pictures so that is why no one found it until now.

It makes us so sad though. 

Her beautiful blonde wispy hair that was shaved off. 

Her eyes that were longing and begging for a family even then.
Picture taken December 2008
Sweet little Lilly lovie.

Oh where, oh where is her family?!?! 

She has been waiting far to long. 

Please don't let her suffer the same fate as all these children

She deserves better.

Are you her mama??

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