Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Broken Records (Waiting Wednesday: Sally)

It's been awhile since I introduced you to a sweet child in need of a family... so today I want to introduce you to Miss Sally!
Sally is a sweet little princess who is living in a mental institution in Eastern Europe. She has lived her whole life without a mommy or daddy. Can you even imagine not even knowing what a mommy and a daddy are??? I sure can't.

Will you please be her mama or papa?? Please don't say no and just walk away on those pleading eyes that want a mama and a papa of her own. Please don't say no. She needs out, or she will spend the rest of her life there!


I know this sounds the same as every other post... they need out, they need your help, will you be their mama and papa? It all sounds the same and I sound like a broken record, I know.


But here's the thing. There might be someone who happens to read my blog. They don't think they are called to adopt, or ready to go back and adopt again, but one day I post a picture of a child who needs a family. That person sees that picture and knows deep down inside that that child is their child. So they talk to their spouse and/or family members, pray about it, and then they take the plunge, and go get that child. After they saw that child here on this blog.

Or I ask my readers to share a post of mine or share a picture of a child. They do, and then the same thing might happen as above.

You just never know who might be reading or looking at anything you post, and it just might be that God stirs someone's heart while they are looking at a picture or reading something. And then there will soon be one less orphan in the world. God works in the coolest ways, and you might the one He uses to find a child a family.

That is why I keep yelling over and over for these children. For Lilly...

For Owen...

For Sergey...

For Tommy...

For Jared, Trina, and Stefan...

For Mark...

For Ekaterina...
(Thank you for voting for her!!! She is still in first at the moment, but not by much! Voting is open a few more hours, please vote for her if you haven't yet!

And for Sally.

Because it just might be that one of the future parents might see them here, or see them when someone else saw them here and shared their picture of their story.

And on top of that... each and every one of these children is special and unique, and no one child is more deserving of a family than another. They all have been waiting too long, and they all need to know what a family is. Because they have never known.

So yes, I still sound like a broken record, but why should I stop trying to find them a family if they don't have one? I will be a broken record until they have families and they are home, because apparently, their parents haven't heard the record yet!

To close, I want to share with you a post my friend Yvonne wrote about Sally -  

This little face caught my heart from the moment I met her at the girls' institution. Immediately I asked if she was available for international adoption but there were some questions about her status. Evidently, we found she was available. We thought about adding her but were a bit overwhelmed with the girls plus we'd have to gone back to the capital city and started all over and we weren't sure if we had the money to do it. It just seemed too much...

We think about going back and getting her and two boys that we also felt drawn to but we have some great big mountains in the way. For us to even adopt one more child we'd have to get a bigger van, our's is filled, we'd have to have another bedroom, our small house is filled and we'd need the adoption expenses.... Plus we do realize we are only two older (late 40's) people! We have three handicapped kids now who are all about on a 1-2 year old level which means we do everything for them. And we do it GLADLY! We adore our sweet children but we are only two people....and these three will need life long care... So will the three we are drawn to...But then my heart says what will I do when I stand before God KNOWING there was at least one more I could have rescued....I take that seriously!

What am I asking of you? Get her picture out, she is not listed with any organization at this time, pray about including her in your family... Pray that if God wants us to adopt her and the boys that He'll make the path straight for us. And relatively easy. I don't think that is too much to ask this time around... We shown God we would be faithful in our adoptions. Adoptions are not easy, it's emotionally taxing, lots of paperwork. the trip is hard...there are so many aspects where you just have to surrender to God...I know from experience. I do NOT look forward in any way to the process...I know it all too well!

She is on my mind constantly...her face comes before me and my eyes are flooded with tears for her...she needs a family NOW! Please pray that God will provide one!!!! Whether it is us or another family.....


So I will ask again - Will you be Sally's family so I don't have to play another broken record? (No, that is NOT why I want her to have a family - so I don't have to advocate for her... really, it's not. Just roll with me here, mk?)

Because honestly... records are obsolete these days anyways. And not to many people are willing to keep their record players that only play broken records. I would love to get rid of mine, but I will not until they all have families.

I'm going to need a lot of help before the dump gets to claim another record player. Will you help? One child at a time?

If you are interested in being Sally's family please email me at forhisgloryhandiwork (at) gmail (dot) com, and I will put you in touch with Yvonne and the others you need to contact. :)

**Yes, I know that I'm turning 14, and record players were WAY before my time... to be honest, I've never actually even seen one. I have seen one or two records though. Ahem. I will stop now, so you don't unnecessarily feel really, really old. That's not the intention of this post. Honest. Though, on this note, Sally's country has changed their laws, and now has no upper age limit. Just a thought.... hehe

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