Friday, August 3, 2012

Pretty Please?!?!?

***County Fair is on Monday, and it's nuts around here trying to get stuff done, so posting may be scarce in the next few days. If you are interested in what I'm up to, go visit my crafty blog. :)

I need y'all to do me a favor... PRETTY PLEASE?!?!?

It only takes one second of your time, and it costs you NOTHING!

This is Ekaterina:
Can you PRETTY PLEASE go to THIS LINK, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click VOTE above Ekaterina's picture. She is #9.

That's it!! It's SOO EASY! 

THANK YOU for voting!!

Now I'll tell you why I just had you do that. :)

Every year Reece's Rainbow does their biggest fundraiser of the year at Christmas time, and it's called Angel Tree. In the past Angel Tree has been for children in two categories - Down Syndrome 0-5 Girls and Down Syndrome 0-5 Boys. But this year, Reece's Rainbow is opening it up to the old kids as well. Because it would be too much to do every single child in every other category, so they've come up with a plan to get the job done. Each week until Angel Tree starts, there will be voting each week to choose children from each category. The two children with the top number of votes will earn a spot on Angel Tree. Also, if you donate to Voice of Hope you will be entered into a drawing, and if your name is chosen, you will get to choose one of the remaining children in that category to also be on Angel Tree! More in depth details are on this link.

This week the category is Down Syndrome 6-9 Girls, and Ekaterina is one of the girls you can vote for. While all the girls are equally deserving, Ekaterina has extreme need for attention and a family. We need to get her face out there!! Why? Because this is her before and after picture!
Feel free to save and share this picture!

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