Monday, January 14, 2013

Concerned about me?

Today there was no school for some reason. I think the little ones were putting two and two together. "Sarah's back. Mama's gone. Mama will be gone for a long time and Sarah won't leave until she comes home." So they were acting out today. Long day, but it's over. Tomorrow will be better. His mercies are new every morning. Random pictures from the first few days of this trip scattered throughout this post.
Sweet Theo LOVED the hat I was working on. He kept putting it on while I was working on it, even though it looked more like a Kippah at the beginning. :) (Does anyone know what a Kippah is without looking it up??)

Can he get any cuter??


We weren't very public with the news of me leaving for this trip before I left. We knew what some reactions would be. And even with the people we did tell there were questions and concerns. Most of which were completely understandable.

I realized that some of my blog readers would also wonder about them even if they didn't voice it. So here's a post for you, if some of these came to mind. :) But THANK YOU to all of you who left me sweet messages! Very much appreciated!! ♥

Flying over a city at night is about the only modern beauty I will NEVER get tired of seeing. It's absolutely breathtaking. Pictures can't do it justice.
1-My schoolwork.
This one is a biggie, and comes up a lot. First of all, I am homeschooled, and my school schedule is VERY flexible.  Not being home schooled, there is probably no way I could be doing these trips.

I am also not taking time OFF of school. I am still doing schoolwork here. Mornings are easy. I just have a couple kids, who are easy to watch. Afternoons add 1 more in, but he is easy to watch as well. I can squeeze work in after bedtime too, provided I'm still functioning properly. ;)

And I am studying to earn dual credit, even while here. In other words, in a couple months, I should be able to say that I have college credit (and highschool too, same work!), as a Freshman in highschool!

Zhen and Leroy - We had cake and ice cream for Zhen's birthday.. not sure what his expression is about??

2-My health.
Yes, I was sick last time I was here. And no, I never got completely better. But our doctor's nurse is our dear friend and Pastor's wife, Auntie Debbie - she's my constant on call doc, and I have meds with me too. It's not digging too much at my energy levels, and not really contagious (I didn't get anyone at home sick), so it's not too much of a big deal.

He never stops moving. :)

3-"All those kids; she struggled last time; doesn't she know what she's getting into?"
All the kids - People here like bus drivers and people at church tell me that I have a big job or have my hands full. ("No actually they are empty right now, I just gave you the kid and the backpack!!") I tell them that I'm the oldest of 7 at home so I'm used to it. :) And it's really not that much different than my family. They have a few LOT more boys than we do, and are missing a few girls. The older ones aren't extra childcare, just more food. ;)

Of course I do I realize what I was getting into! I know it's not going to be easy, but I'm not here to relax and enjoy myself!!
Positives: It's not a new house and I don't have to learn a new schedule, new ways to do things, and learn where everything is. And I know the kids. Plus no Christmas break this trip!
Negatives: The kids know and are more comfortable with me, so they might not listen as well. And
they are ready for Maxim to be home and Mama to be done traveling.

I left my camera on the chair and got up to do something. Ralph found it before I did. ;)
Speaking of that stinker... he was playing with the phone, and Chipper confiscated them and hid them next to him (that's him sitting there above). Ralph later on came over and gave him hugs and kisses... he reached over and stole the phone in the process!! LOL
Like my hat? ;P

4-How long this trip is.
Yes, this trip is long, and yes it's hard. Not just hard on me, but on my family at home too. This isn't the best time for me to be gone. This decision for me to come wasn't made lightly, by me, my parents, or my siblings. But we have decided that since we aren't adopting right now, we can help others who are. My siblings are learning that caring for orphans isn't just raising money, it can also be stepping up and helping while I am helping another family. And they agreed to do that.

We have adopted before. We get how long and unpredictable the trips can be, and how hard it is on those on both sides of the ocean. Been there, done that. And that's why I have the desire to help these families. I know it isn't easy, and I try to make it just a little bit easier. And my family understands and supports that. And I am soo thankful they do!

Is it bad of me I took a picture of him throwing a fit because I told him no to TV?? He is soo dramatic... he started smiling right after I took this picture because he realized I had the camera. ;P
5-"She's traveling/gone soo much."
Yes, I am. I like to travel. Sounds weird, but I like to fly, and I like airports (minus the insecure feeling I get being responsible for valuables around all those people). Also see #4 for the underlying question.
This one fits in with the traveling thing! I think I mentioned this last time, but the Wisconsin Cheese thing cracked me up. Being from Wisconsin, I never see this, because everything is Wisconsin cheese!! No wonder this pizza was soo good. ;)

And then there's Emma, my inspiration, who recently moved to Uganda alone to do mission work, because God called her there when she was young. And I'm like hey, that's what I want to do, why is such a big deal when I'm only gone 4 weeks? (Except Ukraine, not Uganda, and yes, I know she's older than me. Learning patience as I go, why do you have to wait a whole year between changing your age anyways?)


  1. First of all, I love you. Second of all, you've got your resident Jew chiming in, so of course I know what a kippah is! Btw, just wait until you work with jewish kids with special needs. That yarmulke becomes another thing to throw when they have a fit! Can't tell you how many times I've watched a kippah sail like a frisbee towards a window! Luckily they don't usually make it out!

    You may be much younger than me, but you inspire me and I adore you!

    1. I thought of you while writing that!! "Oh, Molly will be the only one to know." ;) Frisbee kippahs... lol I don't know if I would be able to scold.. err.. correct the kids!!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    The pictures of all of the children are adorable. You, your parents and siblings are to be commended for answering the call for support to bring Maxim home. I follow Emma too. You are both an inspiration to me. We will keep the prayers going for you and all in your current household.

    1. Thank you Mrs. Lococo for your kind words and prayers!! I appreciate it!! Love to you and your family!!

  3. I know Emma personally. Love her!

  4. I'll always be concerned about you ... about when you're coming back to be a crazy influence on my children again :)

    I hope you have a great time -- the pics are cute :)

    1. Always around to come be a crazy influence on your kids... but remember YOU are the one that makes me crazy. ;)

  5. Hey Sarah! Nice post! Wow...I even got mentioned! How special is that! Proud of you! Love auntie Crackers!

    1. Indeed you did! Because you are special and you rock! ♥ Love you and miss you!

  6. Sarah you amaze me!!! I wish I'd had half the backbone and spirit at 14 years old as you are! I've loved you since I read your first post about our sarah:) and how you loved her before we ever knew she existed! Your life is so interesting and fun and you are learning so much and preparing for LIFE!!! I think you are doing a GOOD thing and you rock!!!!!!

  7. Hi Sarah
    not really sure what all of the "fuss" is about.... although I have only known you and your mom (and family) for a short while, it seems to me that you are just living out "Love" to those God calls you to! I see a family that is sold out for Christ and committed to following in obedience when He calls! Your family's focus and priorities seem to be in line! The big picture is more than what "the world" displays... please keep shining His Light in this world so lost in darkness! You bring hope! You bring truth! You bring Christ to all those you help!
    mrs. hebbe


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