Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Waiting Wednesday: Casey

Today, meet sweet Casey. He will turn 16, and age out in a matter of months. He needs a family not just because of that, but because every child, including him, deserves to know what love is.


Born June 1997
Cerebral palsy, significant mental delays, seborrheic dermatitis

Casey is very sweet.   He is bedridden, yet full of smiles.  He desperately needs a family to save him.
Travel required;  married couples only.  Large families welcome.
$381.20 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

 My bloggy friend Jane met him and has been advocating for him.... Please go read her post about him here - A Call Out to the Army. But here is a little bit of it.

Casey is such a sweetheart, I met him at orphanage 50 (listed at Reece's Rainbow here!)  If you ever wanted to make a difference to somebody in desperate need then look no further. Casey is a child in desperate need, he is warehoused at present in a remote mental institution. Buried alive because of his special needs! He has until he turns 16 to be saved.

He turns 16 in June!

I am sending out a warrior cry today to assemble an army for Casey! He needs a miracle and the rainbow army need to come together! You see this is his last hope.

His last hope for a family.
His last hope for security.
His last hope for love.
 His last hope for a home.
 His last hope for adequate medical care. 
His last hope not to be hungry.
His last hope for a life.
His last hope to live!

Can you see how urgent this is? Can you see why I said you really do not need to look any further?

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