Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One Less!

I've blogged about it before, but the 15th is my favorite day of the month. May things, good and bad have happened on that day. I've blogged about the main things before.

Today, the 15th of Janurary, another thing happened to add to my list. This time good! :)

Today, Maxim officially became a Nance!! There is ONE LESS orphan in the world tonight.
Thanking God for his goodness!!

The kids were all excited that they have a new brother, but Boo wasn't exactly thrilled that she can now say she has 10 brothers! hehe

But, that doesn't mean they are coming home tomorrow! Up next - the 10 day wait, and another week to 1.5 weeks for passport, visa, embassy, etc.

He will be home soon though! Soo excited to be able to say I am now watching a family with 12 kids (ok, not really, but technically I am)!! Maxim, welcome to the Nance family!!!


  1. So happy for Maxim and the Nance family!!!

  2. This is wonderful news, Sarah. Yay, for Maxim and the Nances. Maxim has waited for such a long time. It will be so exciting to see him home with his family. I hope everything is going well for you too.


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