Monday, October 15, 2012

The 15th (Selah Update)

Selah - still in need of prayers
The 15th of the month.... Good things and bad things have happened on that day. Things that have made an impact on me, and are close to my heart.

On the 15th of...

...July 2010, I met Logan while on a mission trip to Ukraine.

...December 2011, I found out the priest took Logan and he was no longer available for adoption.

...August 2012, the Clanton's life changed forever with Selah (and Sam)'s accident.

...September 2012, Lyla came home. (A little story about Lyla coming home on the 15th... shortly before I left for Spitz's and heard that the time frame Lyla was going to come home during included the 15th, I KNEW that's when it would be. God spoke to my heart, and told me thats when it would be. Because that day was special to me. I didn't tell anyone as I didn't want to seem like I was predicting the future or knew more about the time frame then Summer did.

As the time got closer for them to come home, they were coming home on Friday, the 14th. I was starting to doubt myself... did I not hear right? Was it really not from God and just something in my head? Then they scheduled the flights, and of course, they were coming in after midnight, as in they were coming in on Saturday, the 15th! And Lyla wouldn't be in her own HOME until 3 am on the 15th! God is always good and never breaks His promises! ♥)

Today is the 15th of October, but I'm not going to write about Logan or Lyla (although I love them so very much).

Tonight I'm going to update you on sweet Selah. Last two times I posted about Selah were right after the accident and she was doing ok.

She is making more and more responses as of late, which it very encouraging to hear! She has been "bantering" back and forth with Daddy, has been making her displeasure known and licking lemon flavored swabs! Baby steps in the RIGHT direction!!!

Today is 2 months since the accident. 2 months ago the course of a family's life was forever changed. They would never be the same and were shaken to the core by the fact they almost lost two children.

Selah is making progress, yes, but she still has a long way to go. Please keep praying for her, and also pray for her family as they continue to miss their sweet "Lala".

They are also trying to find a place for her back home in FL (they are in NY now) so they can move back home and get their house ready for Selah to move back in with them, but not having to much success so please pray for that as well.

Thank you for continuing to lift this sweet girl and her family up to the throne! Keep checking their blog for updates.

If you would like to see more pictures of Princess Selah and see part of the family's amazing story, please watch this video. I was honored to put it together for them, and as advice from others who have already watched it, have your tissues ready. :)


  1. Wow, it is amazing to see all the different things that have happened to you on the 15th! Definitely a God-thing!

  2. You made a beautiful video of Selah and her family, Sarah. I will continue to pray for the Clantons. Thank you for your commitment to those in need.


  3. What a beautiful video! We are praying for Selah and her family.

    1. Love the Adamsons--for some reason it isn't posting our profile :)


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