Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jimmy's Benefit

Tonight was Jimmy's benefit. I blogged about the benefit/him here. There was a great turnout, but no total yet!

Rachel and I had a table of our stuff, including some Ghana flag themed items. :) The donation basket on our table (we did prices labeled as suggested donation, not actually sold it) $166 for Jimmy!! Praise God! Ironic thing is, that's the same amount as our farmers market last weekend for  Lilly! :)

The tables all set up, ready for lots of people to eat lots of pie!

And the pies.... yes, I'm being cruel and making you hungry. Bwahaha (evil laugh)! ;]

All the people watching the groups that played tonight...

In Harmony...

Con Brio...

Don Shire...

And the Ott Family led several songs at the end, one of which I will share when my ridiculously SLOW internet finally finishes the 1 min 30 sec video after 2 hours. No, I'm not joking.

And then there's the fun in the nursery! :) My little 3 sibs - Elijah, Rachel, Jonathan, my mom, "big" Rachel, and half of the Prevost family, including Caleb! :)

It was an awesome night to bring an awesome little boy home!!


  1. Looks like fun!! Glad you made so much for Jimmy to come home!

  2. Your so mean! I want a BIG piece of pie now!


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