Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Waiting Wednesday: Mark

Day 3 of 31 for 21, and today I would like to introduce you to a little one named Mark.
He just turned 6 years old, and he has Down syndrome. He is waiting for a forever family in an orphanage in Latin America.

Mark (Latin America)

Boy, Born August 2006
609-02 This gentle boy has smooth, baby soft skin. He has dark skin and dark hair, potentially from an African/black parent. He is just darling, with a round chubby face. He was born on 8/2006. He enjoys playing with toys and with other children. His legs are rather weak so he scoots around quickly to reach his destination. He smiles brightly when he is spoken to. He waits for his loving family because he has Down syndrome. His family will be so lucky to be able to help this angel reach his fullest potential!
$4190.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

He has been waiting so long. Not only has he been waiting for 6 years, he has been listed on RR since before I started looking at the faces on RR several years ago. He is on the list of the children who have been listed on RR the longest. And he still has the same sad picture.

He was one of the first children that captured my heart. And it breaks my heart he is still waiting.

So many have seen his picture. So many have said no to him. One family said yes, but they backed out of adopting him a few days later for unknown reasons. And so he still waits.

I know I've blogged about him for Waiting Wednesday before, but I have to again, because he still waits.
How much longer will it take for a family to say, "YES, you are mine! And I will do anything it takes to bring you home, and I will love you unconditionally no matter what challenges arise!! Because you are special to me, and you matter!!"

How much longer will he wait?

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